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Chopin: Fantaisie-Impromptu (Op. 66)
My performance of Chopin's dramatic and tempestuous Fantaisie-Impromptu, accompanied with pictures of clouds. There are a few rough spots in the performance, for which I apologize, but if I make it too perfect I may have trouble proving it's me. ;-)

(Sadly, this is not really a joke!)
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Alouette (French song on the Panflute)
A rendition of the song that many of us have learned as kids without knowing the meaning of the words. I start playing around with the rhythm at about the 40 second mark.

Those of us of a certain age may recall an Elvis Presely Song "I Was (Almost) Always True to You" which used the same melody. :-D
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Piping Tim of Galway (Panflute)
A performance of the traditional Irish melody on the panflute, with a fair amount of improvising at the end.
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Gymnopédie #3 (Erik Satie)
A recording of myself playing Erik Satie's third Gymnopédie, along with a video of my garden at sunset.
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Fugue #8 (J.S. Bach; Well Tempered Clavier Book I)
I haven't posted much Bach, but there are a number of fugues of his I do play. I find him a very challenging composer for a variety of reasons.

I take this fugue much faster than is normally the case, I think; my apologies if it gets a little wild at times.

With video footage of a small river near where I live in the springtime. The birds were singing very loudly that day, and though I have almost muted the video, you can still hear them at times. I am not sure if I think they add to the music or are just a distraction, but there they are for now!
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What A Wonderful World (Voice & Piano)
A lovely song; I hope I do it some justice (I'm much less experienced as a vocalist than as a pianist or panflautist, so I apologize in advance if this isn't up to the standard of my other uploads).

I'll hopefully be uploading some other music soon; I've been putting some heavy work into a Bach Fugue and Chopin's Fantaisie Impromptu & have made lots of recordings..... just have to review them & decide if I think any are good enough.

There's some sort of glitch with YouTube at the moment & I cannot reply to comments: hopefully this shall be fixed soon!
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Baby Rabbit in the Garden
Just a little video of a tiny baby rabbit I found in the graden while I was weeding this morning. (Don't worry, I will probably upload a music video too sometime in the next while. ;-) )
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Summer Dancing (Panflute)
I bought a new microphone and thought it would be nice to test it out. This is a short panflute improvisation that starts out in a lively rhythmical mode and ends on a thoughtful, meditative note.
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Beethoven: Sonata #9, Third Movement
A lively piece of music somewhat light in mood, played by myself.
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Gregorian Chant Improvisation (Piano)
A piano improvisation on an 'Alleluia', performed by myself.
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Chopin: Nocturne #15
Chopin's 15th nocturne, performed by myself.
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A new recording myself playing Chopin's well-known 'Raindrop Prelude'. The birds were singing outside the house after a rainshower and it seemed a shame not to get some of that recorded. :-)

I use more rubato in this performance and also take it at a much slower pace than my earlier posting.
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Relaxation Piano Music Super-Compendium; Chopin, Schubert, Brahms, Beethoven, Grieg and Others)
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This is a collection of my previously-uploaded music tracks; all music is performed by myself and all the recordings and photographs are mine. (I have to mention this so that agencies can't claim they didn't know!) The pieces in this collection (with starting times for each piece) are as follows:

Japanese Love Song (J.S. Zamecnik)
Moment Musicaux #6 (Schubert) (2:26)
Hush Ye, My Bairnie (Scottish Folk) (12:19)
Spring Song (Mendelssohn) (15:15)
Etude #26 (Chopin ) (18:13)
Claire de Lune (Debussy) (21:01)
Handel's Largo (transcription) (26:05)
Fur Elise (Beethoven) (32:14)
At Your Feet (Grieg) (26:24)
Bethena Waltz (Scott Joplin) (40:27)
Waltz in #15 A Flat (Brahms) (47:55)
Waltz #2 (Brahms) (50:14)
Entrance Theme For Emperor (Improv on ancient theme) (52:54)
Intermezzo E Flat (Brahms) (55:00)
Intermezzo in A Minor, Op. 116 #2 (Brahms) (1:02:22)
Intermezzo Op. 76 #7 (Brahms) (1:06:05)
Intermezzo In A Op. 118 #3 (Brahms) (1:10:08)
Intermezzo Op. 119 #2 (Brahms) (1:17:22)
Romanze (Brahms) :1:25:00)
Sonata 10, 2nd Movement (Beethoven) (1:29:33)
Nocturne #2 (Chopin) (1:38:49)
Nocturne #16 (Chopin) (1:44:15)
Nocturne #18 (Chopin) (1:49:38)
Prelude #17 (Chopin) (1:56:17)
Prelude #23 (Chopin) (2:00:09)
Bach: Fugue #1 (WTC Book I) (2:01:15)
The Swan (St. Saens) (2:04:17)
Waltz #3 (Chopin) (2:06:34)
Waltz #9 (Chopin) (2:13:43)
Prelude #4 (Chopin) (2:18:21)
Gladiolus Rag (Scott Joplin) (2:20:54)
Bink's Waltz (Soctt Joplin) (2:25:27)
Arabesque #1 (Debussy) :2:30:07)
Deep River (Samuel Taylor Coleridge Arr.) (2:35:42)
Illusion (Grieg) (2:44:57)
Gymnopodie #1 (My own composition) (2:49:41)
Gymnopodie #3 (My own composition) (2:53:12)
Gymnopodie #5 (My own composition) (2:55:52)
Gymnopodie #6 (My own composition) (2:57:19)
Sarabande in D Minor (Handel) (2:59:39)
The Last Rose of Summer (Von Flowtow) (3:00:57)
'Moonlight Sonata', First Movement (Beethoven) (3:03:20)
Nocturne #10 (Chopin) (3:09:45)
Nocturne #19 (Chopin) (3:15:28)
Nocturne #14 (Chopin) (3:20:12)
Pathetique Sonata, Second Movement (Beethoven) (3:28:47)
Vanished Days (Grieg) (3:33:43)
Gade (Grieg) (3:40:47)
Peace of the Woods (Grieg) (3:45:23)
Prelude #15 ('Raindrop Prelude'; Chopin) (3:52:00)
Impromptu #3 (Schubert) (3:57:06)
Sarabande with Variations (Handel) (4:04:35)
Solace (Scott Joplin) (4:06:40)
Summer's Eve (Grieg) (4:14:52)
Waltz #10 (Chopin) (4:17:50)
Londonderry Air (Irish Folk) (4:20:55)
Waltz in F Major (Original Composition) (4:23:22)
Oh My Beloved (Folk Song) (4:25:43)
Orientale (Granados) (4:28:31)
Reverie Improv (Original Composition) (4:35:29)
Searchlight Rag (Scott Joplin) (4:39:18)
Sometime I Feel Like A Motherless Child (STC Arr.) (4:46:13)
Sunflower Slow Drag (Scott Joplin & Scott Hayden) (4:52:18)
The Cat's Fugue (Scarlatti) (4:56:54)
Waltz-Gymnopodie (Original Composition) (5:00:19)
Wall Street Rag (Scott Joplin) (5:03:13)
Pine Apple Rag (Scott Joplin) (5:08:41)
Etude #26 (Slower Version) (5:13:14)
Indian Love Song (J.S. Zamecnik) (5:17:08)
Fur Elise (With ornamentations; Beethpven) (5:19:58)

This video contains most of the songs in my Relaxation Piano Music I & II compendiums, in roughly the same order, with an additional two hours of other music interspersed amongst them (several pieces by Scott Joplin as well as a number of my own compositions are amongst the added songs).

The slideshow accompanying the music is largely new; it had originally been my intention to simply string together all the existing videos, but this did not prove feasible. The photographs are somewhat random; while I did try to do a little 'choreography' of music with images, I am afraid I do not have the time at the moment to do this properly.

Since all the photographs are mine and I do not travel much or drive, there is a certain limitation in subject matter, for which I offer my regrets.

(Yes, I do love my lilies, can you tell? ;-) )
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English Country Garden (Panpipe)
The English folk song played on the panpipes. One of those pieces I've been playing forever but somehow have never recorded. I follow with some lively improvisation that incorporates another folk song ' The Keel Row' (which was used as a double-time march when I was in sea cadets).
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Dream Journey (Bain Suri Improvisation)
An improvisation by myself on a 'Bain-Suri', a type of Indian flute with a very evocative and expressive sound. I play it in a number of moods and scales.
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Afton Waters (Scottish song played on the piano)
An old Scottish song with a tranquil mood played on the piano by myself.
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John Anderson, My Jo (Scottish Song Played on the piano)
The old Scottish song played on the piano.by myself.


John Anderson my jo, John,
When we were first aquent,
Your locks were like the raven,
Your bonnie brow was brent;
But now your brow is bald, John,
Your locks are like the snaw,
But blessings on your frosty pow,
John Anderson, my jo.

John Anderson my jo, John,
We clamb the hill thegither,
And mony a canty day, John,
We've had wi ane anither;
Now we maun totter down, John,
But hand in hand we'll go,
And sleep thegither at the foot,
John Anderson, my jo.
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Indian Love Song (J.S. Zamecnik; from
Another piece of music from "Moving Picture Music" by the American composer J.S. Zamencnik played by myself. I play it twice, the second time with more variations. The mood is very exotic and sultry, in keeping with the title.
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Entrance Theme for the Emperor (Ancient Chinese Melody on piano)
This is myself playing some extempore piano improvisations upon an ancient (1300 BC) Chinese melody.

This is a handy piece of music to know, just in case the Emperor should decide to make a surprise visit to one's house. ;-) :-)
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Japanese Love Song (J.S. Zamecnik; from
A piece of music from a rather narrow slice of musical history: the silent movies. This album contains music that was to be played by a pianist during the screening of silent films, and so it contains things like "Triumphal March", "Love Scene", "Plaintive Music", "Explosion of Fire Scene" and "Burglar or Sneaky Music".

The piece I am playing in this video is called "Japanese Love Song", and it represents a rather stereotyped view of Japanese music, but I find it a charming piece nonetheless. (It's got the pentatonic scale in it, which is always pleasant to listen to.) It makes me think of being on a lazy river in a small boat on a warm summer afternoon.
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Dvorak: Largo (from 'New World Symphony', played on Panflute)
Myself playing Dvorak's famous Largo from the "New World Symphony" on the panflute, accompanied (mostly) pictures taken around a small river near where I live. The melody was inspired by the music he heard on a trip to North America and has had words written for it a number of times.
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Zen Tibétin (Panflute Solo by Sylvain Guinet; performed by Glen Hoban)
My performance of French composer Sylvain Guinet's panflute solo "Zen Tibétin" on the panflute; I hope you will like it. I add a little improvising at the end.
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