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Japanese Love Song (J.S. Zamecnik; from
A piece of music from a rather narrow slice of musical history: the silent movies. This album contains music that was to be played by a pianist during the screening of silent films, and so it contains things like "Triumphal March", "Love Scene", "Plaintive Music", "Explosion of Fire Scene" and "Burglar or Sneaky Music".

The piece I am playing in this video is called "Japanese Love Song", and it represents a rather stereotyped view of Japanese music, but I find it a charming piece nonetheless. (It's got the pentatonic scale in it, which is always pleasant to listen to.) It makes me think of being on a lazy river in a small boat on a warm summer afternoon.
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Dvorak: Largo (from 'New World Symphony', played on Panflute)
Myself playing Dvorak's famous Largo from the "New World Symphony" on the panflute, accompanied (mostly) pictures taken around a small river near where I live. The melody was inspired by the music he heard on a trip to North America and has had words written for it a number of times.
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Zen Tibétin (Panflute Solo by Sylvain Guinet; performed by Glen Hoban)
My performance of French composer Sylvain Guinet's panflute solo "Zen Tibétin" on the panflute; I hope you will like it. I add a little improvising at the end.
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Duke Ellington: Black Butterfly (Piano Solo performed by Glen Hoban)
Myself playing Duke Ellington's song 'Black Butterfly' on the piano.

I've had a go at singing this too (though it's not been posted); I must confess that while I think the melody is lovely, the lyrics are (to put it gently), a romanticized, and 'of their time'. One must be a little forgiving sometimes.
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Claire de Lune (Debussy)
Debussy's well-known 'Claire de Lune', the third movement of 'Suite bergamasque' played by myself.
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I'd Like to Teach the World To Sing (Panflute)
A happy-go-lucky song from the early 70's played on the panflute. The song apparently started out as a jingle for Coca Cola, but was so popular that it was re-worked into a full length song that didn't mention Coke; here I'd always thought it was the other way around. How very strange. Anyway, despite it being a little on the sappy side, I quite like the melody, and come to think of it, apple trees, honey bees and snow white turtle doves are kind of nice too. ;-)
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Chopin: Etude #26 (From 'Trois Nouvelles Etudes)
One of Chopin's transcendental pieces of music, accompanied with video footage of a small river near where I live with the spring waters flowing. This is a new recording.
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Sleep Music (Brahms and Panflute)
Brahms is one of the most soothing composers I know of, and here is a collection of some of the pieces of his I have uploaded that I think are conducive to relaxation and sleep. Following that are a number of panflute songs in a similar vein. (All performances on piano and panflute are by myself.)

The pieces in this collection are:

Intermezzo Op. 117 #1 in E-Flat
Intermezzo Op. 118 #2 in A (7:24)
Waltz #15 (14:40)
Intermezzo Op. 116 #6 in E Major (17:05)
Intermezzo Op 76 #7 A minor (22:40)
Waltz #2 (26:46)

The panflute pieces are:

Oh Shenandoah (29:30)
Oh Rowan Tree (32:00)
Hush-a-Bye Darling (37:10)
The Mirk is Gathering in the Glen (38:55; * This video is a little different from most of my videos in that instead of the usual scenery photos, there are instead mostly pictures of various pencil crayon drawings that I have done. :-) )
Dark Eyes (41:50)
Hymn to the Sun (43:38)
Largo (Handel) (46:07 This is a 'live' performance & was recorded at the Manitoba Legislature, which has wonderful acoustics due for the panflute. It was the Christmas season at the time, so you can see a large wreath in the background.)
Roll, Jordan Roll (52:18 Also recorded at the Legislature.)
Siretsi Yars Taran (54:22 I play this one first on the E-Flat panflute, then on the A Panflute.)
Springtime Riverside Rhapsody (57:46 Recorded by the Seine river in the springtime, you can hear a lot of birds in the background as I improvise. )
Sweet Bye an Bye (1:01:06)
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Where Are You Now? (Original lyrics for Sylvain Guinet's Melody
I posted a panflute and a piano video of Sylvain Guinet's lovely melody "L'indien des mers" (The Indian Seas). Though I like the title, I don't think it quite matches the mood of the music, which seems to me to be full of sorrow and feelings of loss. I found myself wanting to sing this melody, and I thought of asking Mr. Guinet to write some words, but instead I wrote my own. They are nothing fancy or profound, but they mean a lot to me.

I'm tempted to make a dedication, but instead I will say that those who know me will know who these words are for, and for those that don't, I hope you can find your own meaning. Please pardon the occasional roughness of my voice.

Where Are You Now?

Where have you now?
Where have you gone?
Where are you now?
Where have you gone?
Where have you gone,
My lost, my love.
Where are you?
My love, I miss you so much.
Where have you gone, my love?
Will I ever find my love?
Will I ever find my love again?
I miss you so much.

Now I must remember
How I saw you leave me
On that day, you left me alone.
Now I can't remember
How it felt to have you near,
My love, you're gone,
And I'm here alone.
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Hush Ye, My Bairnie (Scottish Lullabye)
A performance by myself of this old Scottish lullabye on the piano.

A few months ago while I was on the bus, a baby a few feet away started crying rather loudly, so I picked up my panpipes (which I almost always have with me when I am out) and played this song while looking right at him. He stopped crying and looked at me with this rather stunned (but very sweet) expression on his face. "Yes, little one, that song was JUST for you!" I said, and until he and his mother got off the bus he just continued looking at me with his head kind of sideways. Too cute. (Who says music isn't useful? ;-) )
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Weeping Willow Rag (Scott Joplin)
This is a repost of a video I uploaded in 2008 & which enjoyed a peaceful existence until recently, when the audio was claimed erroneously (along with 'Bethena Waltz') by another party (I am the perfomer and the recording and photographs are mine). While the dispute about Bethena was cleared up, I never did hear back from them about Weeping Willow, so I took it down after a while. We shall see what happens this time.

(I am the perfomer in ALL of the music on my channel; I guess I feel this should go without saying, but apparently it doesn't!)
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L'Indien des Mers (By Sylvain Guinet, Piano arragment, performed by Glen Hoban)
My 'extempore' piano arragment of French composer Sylvain Guinet's romantic pan flute solo 'The Indian Seas'. Though he remarked that he had never thought of doing a piano arrangment of this piece, I think it works quite well. :-)
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Fur Elise (Beethoven)
Beethoven's romantic 'album leaf' that he wrote as a remembrance to a young woman that he knew. This is the same video (but HD now) that I uploaded earlier, and which was (incorrectly) claimed by a third party. I have heard back from them now and so I am going to try uploading this again to see if their advice for preventing/resolving the claim will work. (I gots my doubtses, but only one way to find out.) This performance is a 'straight' performance of the piece & might be more to the taste of people who prefer their classical music to be played as written.
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Fur Elise (With Ornamentations)
A different approach to Beethoven's well known piece of music 'Fur Elise'.

My other posting of this piece (in which I am the performer, as I am in this video) has been claimed by 'RumbleFish' as theirs. While I am hopeful I can get this straightened out eventually, the problem of having my tracks being claimed by others is likely to recur, sadly. (In the meantime, until "Rumblefish" sees fit to respond to my increasingly acrimonious e-mails, I have made the video private. My apologies to anyone that this may inconvenience.) While my posting of 'Fur Elise' does contain some errors, they're pretty small, so in this video I try another approach: I add a lot of ornamentation (mostly appoggiaturas) and rhythmic retouchings to this piece, in addition to a little improvisation. I hope that this will prevent the content ID software that YouTube uses from misidentifying my peformance as somene else's, as well as making it easier to prove it is me should the content ID software flag this piece anyway. If not, well, enjoy the pretty appoggiaturas! ;-)
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London Bridge Variations with Theme (Panflute)
Something a little livelier than my last few uploads. A number of very free variations on the children's song on the panflute; at the very end I play the theme, just to show that I can. ;-)
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At Your Feet (Edvard Grieg; Lyric Pieces, Op. 68 #3)
Edvard Grieg's romantic melody, accompanied by pictures of flowers and such things. My performance is a little slower than some of the others, and this is intentional: I don't think romantic music should be rushed.

I apologize for the errors which occur; I am able to produce error- free tracks, but then, sadly, I have more difficulty in proving that I am the performer, and these days all sorts of folks (Warner-Chappel, EMI, Sony ATV, etc. etc. etc.) have been content ID'ing my stuff!
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L'Indien des Mers (By Sylvain Guinet, performed by Glen Hoban)
This is my performance of French composer Sylvain Guinet's passionate and evocate flute solo "L'Indien des Mers" on the panpipe. I hope you will enjoy it. :-)

You may download and listen to his music on his page at "FreeScores"


(You can also find many other composers there. My own page is at:

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Relaxation Panflute Music Compendium
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Listen to other compilation videos here:


A collection of some of the more relaxing panpipe tracks I've uploaded to YouTube, as well as some which are in more exotic keys. This video contains many of the songs found in my "Relaxation Panpipe Music Compendium" (which I have taken down), but with a few tracks ommitted and a few more tracks added. The tracks are:

Dark Eyes
Oh Rowan Tree
Ev'ry Time I Feel the Spirit
Hymn to the Sun
Oh Danny Boy
Oh Shenandoah
Alleluia Angelus Dominus
Braw Braw Lads (Gala Waters)
Largo (Handel)
Hush-A-Bye Darling
Sephardic Chant
Sweet Bye An' Bye
Swing Low, Sweet Chariout
The Mirk Is Gathering In the Glen
The Last Rose of Summer
Siratsi Tars Yaran (Armenian folk song)
What Ails This Heart of Mine?
Come Josephine in My Flying Machine
How Great Thou Art
The Smiling Spring
Oh Lord, I Sing Thy Praises
Roll, Jordan Roll
Couldn't Hear Nobody Pray
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Pagan Panflute Compilation
This collection isn't as big as I'd like it to be. I am using "Pagan" in a fairly broad sense; this collection contains pieces written by modern (neo)-Pagans ("Old Ways" was written by former Winnepagan Terrakian Wintermoon), as well as Native songs, an ancient Greek Hymn to the sun, and a Scottish song (Oh Rowan Tree), which is not Pagan, strictly speaking, but veneration for tree's is a very pagan thing.

The pieces in this collection are:

Now I Walk In Beauty
Come Children Come to the Radiant Sun (with improv)
Hoof and Horn (with Improv)
Old Ways
Return Again (to the Land of Your Soul)
Improv with Pagan Songs
Lord of the Dance
Rain Improvisation
"Twas Upon A Lammas Night
Spiralling We Twine Our Circle
Hym to the Sun
Oh Rowan Tree
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Oldies Collection (Duke Ellington & others)
I have a fondness for pre-50's music, especially the 20's & 30's. This collection is mostly Duke Ellington pieces played by myself on the piano, but with a few others thrown in. The pieces in this collection are:

In a Sentimental Mood
Don't Get Around Much Anymore
I'm Just a Lucky So-and-So
Mood Indigo
Prelude to a Kiss
Sophisticated Lady
Chattanooga Choo-Choo
Body and Soul
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Intermezzo in E-Flat (Brahms; Op. 117 #1)
A very tender composition, it has a lullabye-like quality to it. The middle section is very heavy and langourous, like a still summer night.
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Far Over The Misty Mountains Cold (Howard Shore's  version, sung by myself)
For anyone who may be curious, I have uploaded the whole poem (voice & piano) to my other channel at:


A multi-track a-capella version of Howard Shore's melody sung by myself. I think I am singing it a little lower than the original; my apologies for that, as well as for the somewhat muddy sound. I will hopefully get better at this multi-track thing with practice!
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