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Virtual Sailor: Queen Mary 2 and Queen Mary Colliding and Sinking
READ THIS:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

This video is not really 14 minutes long. Its about 4. I made a mistake with Windows Movie Maker with the music.

Both ships are on the Quality Simulation website. You can look for them there.

SONG: Caribbean Blue by Enya.
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virtual sailor Queen Mary
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Virtual Sailor: Britannic Sinking
HMHS Britannic sinks
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Kodak Instamatic 233 Camera
This is my Kodak Instamatic 233 Camera made in England with original box and owners manual.

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virtual sailor  mauretania


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Virtual Sailor 7 -
This is a video about how to install a ship into Virtual Sailor 7. In this example, I am installing Hudizzle's wonderful "R.M.S Titanic for Virtual Sailor 7", which can be found here:

Thanks to YouTube user Sanchez Omar for this request. If you wish to request a video, please either comment on a video or send me a personal message :-)

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Minecraft: R.M.S Titanic |W.I.P|
A short presentation of my made RMS Titanic scale 1:1 in Minecraft.
On video you gonna see:
-Titanic outside(day and night)
-main bridge
-boiler rooms
-engine room and the engine testing
- automatic watertight door testing
-watertight door indicator panel
- "Grand Staircase"
- first-class dining
- promenade deck
- and some more ;)

Any questions leave in the comment section.

I did publish part of my work with Titanic to some peopple at the begining and now i regret cause now they are copying it... PLEASE STOP COPYING MY WORK!!!!!
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lusitania real sinking virtual sailor
link http://www.4shared.com/rar/3wKZvJIc/RMS_Lusitania_Beta_1.html?
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Cunard - Queen Mary 2 Refit Blog 2
Entertainment Director of Queen Mary 2, Paul O' Loughlin is back with the second part of our refit blog from Hamburg in December 2011.
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P&O Cruises Australia Pacific Pearl Arriving In Sydney Circular Quay - 14th February 2013
This is the beautiful Pacific Pearl coming in to Sydney's Circular Quay the morning of the day we boarded her. There will be many more new videos from the cruise coming soon!
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Virtual Sailor Titanic Part 1
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Virtual Sailor 7 -
Just a little montage of some nice ocean liners in Virtual Sailor 7
Addons and music featured are in the credits

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Edit: Lusitania Link http://www.gamefront.com/files/user/hudizzle
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Virtual Sailor 3 Big Ships
If you wanna Have ask me in privat mail

3.Queen Elisabeth 2
2.MS Poseidon
1.R.M.S Titanic
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Virtual Sailor: RMS Queen Mary, MS Queen Elizabeth, And Rescue Ship Island Princess Sink
All queen elizabeth queen mark hit each other and sink. island princess sees them raise and is like wat???
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The Sinking of the RMS Carpathia REMAKE
A remake of my Virtual Sailor film. Download link: http://www.yourfilelink.com/get.php?fid=708049
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Cunard's Three Queens Depart Southampton Together
Queen Elizabeth, Queen Victoria and Queen Mary 2 depart Southampton together for the first time in daylight on 13 July 2012
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Cunard - Queen Elizabeth Transits the Panama Canal
Cunard's Queen Elizabeth transits the Panama Canal on January 22, 2011 during her maiden World Cruise Voyage.
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Cunard Queen Victoria - A Personal View
A deck by deck walk through the public rooms onboard Cunard's Queen Victoria
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Mauretania Vehicle Simulator and Virtual Sailor by DVO marine design
Model By : DVOMarinedesign
Link : http://www.dvomarinedesign.com/shop/product.php?id_product=55
Link 2: http://www.dvomarinedesign.com/shop/product.php?id_product=56
Youtube Channel : http://www.youtube.com/user/DVOMarineDesign/videos

R.M.S. MAURETANIA for Vehicle Simulator, the famous Cunard liner from 1907.
Relive the navigation on board this great ship, once the competitor of the R.M.S. TITANIC, BRITANNIC, OLYMPIC and other famous liners.

Don't forget to read the terms of use before acquiring and using the addon

Recommended minimal hardware specifications:

- 2,8Ghz Dual Core processor
- 2Go of Ram
- Geforce 9800GT graphic card with 1Go video memory
- Microsoft Windows XP
- Vehicle Simulator 2.49 or above.

(All screenshots are taken from actual model in the simulator).

Video By Hz'D
Habib'z Desain
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virtual sailor 7 - RMS Aquitania
the original video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-xMZ5ioAsnA
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Virtual Sailor 7- The White Star Liners And Cunard Liner
The Ships of White Star Line And CUnard Liner
- RMS Olympic was the first olympic class liners to be built by harland & wolff for the White Star line
- RMMV Oceaninc
Was the first of the last ships to be built for the white star line before the cunard and white star merger.
- RMS Queen Mary
was the first diesel engine ocean liner to be built for the cunard line
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virtual sailor titanic trailer
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