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What does an actuary do? Learn from the experts.

Studying mathematics, statistics and business can lead to certification as an actuary. Today's actuaries help make critical business decisions in a surprising variety of areas.

Learn more from from the experts, David E. Delahanty, ASA, and Nicole Delahanty, FSA, CIMA, who spoke at the Ask the Actuaries seminar on November 27, 2012.
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Issues in Financial Mathematics and Statistics
The inauguration of the Center for Research in Financial Mathematics and Statistics at UC Santa Barbara featured three distiguished speakers addressing issues in financial mathematics and statistics. The talks are titled: A Practitioner's Overview of Mathematical Finance; Investments: Theory and Practice; Are There Central Problems in Finance? Series: "Voices" [5/2007] [Science] [Show ID: 12126]
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Statistics math song By MBP.mp4
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Mathematical Statistics I - Lecture 2 - UCCS MathOnline
Taught by Dr. Greg Morrow from UCCS in Colorado
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1. Introduction and Probability Review
MIT 6.262 Discrete Stochastic Processes, Spring 2011
View the complete course: http://ocw.mit.edu/6-262S11
Instructor: Robert Gallager

License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA
More information at http://ocw.mit.edu/terms
More courses at http://ocw.mit.edu
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MAT 110 Basic Statistics Lesson 1 (video 1).mp4
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Statistics 21 - Lecture 1
Introductory Probability and Statistics for Business
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Business Mathematics & Statistics MBA Video Lectures
Log on to http://www.learnixmba.com for the full video lecture of Business Mathematics & Statistics.

http://www.learnixmba.com provides video lectures for distance and regular MBA students.students can also log in for other quality MBA study materials also.
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DAY1/14 Probability & Statistics with Prof David Spiegelhalter
This video forms part of a mathematics course on Probability & Statistics by Prof David Spiegelhalter held at AIMS South Africa in 2012.

Please visit video-courses.aims.ac.za to download the supporting booklet.
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Math Made Almost Bearable: Statistics (Made Almost Bearable)
In this episode of Math Made Almost Bearable Frank Kelly explains some of the mathematical AND philosophical techniques employed by statisticians in order to make statistics almost bearable! www.smokeandgold.com
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Probability for Beginners : Solving Math Problems
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You don't have to be a mathematics expert to start grasping the concepts at hand with probability. Learn about probability for beginners with help from a high school math tutor in this free video clip.

Expert: Charlie Kasov
Filmmaker: Victor Varnado

Series Description: How important mathematics is to our daily lives and the world around us is not something that should be overlooked. Get tips on how to solve various types of mathematics problems with help from a high school math tutor in this free video series.
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Statistical Aspects of Data Mining (Stats 202) Day 1
Google Tech Talks
June 26, 2007


This is the Google campus version of Stats 202 which is being taught at Stanford this summer. I will follow the material from the Stanford class very closely. That material can be found at www.stats202.com. The main topics are exploring and visualizing data, association analysis, classification, and clustering. The textbook is Introduction to Data Mining by Tan, Steinbach and Kumar. Googlers are welcome to attend any classes which they think might be of interest to them. Credits: Speaker:David Mease
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Class 10-Maths Online Video Lectures-Statistics-Mean-Median-Mode
Aakash iTutor: Class 10th Mathematics Video Lectures (Statistics: Mean-Median-Mode) to study through online coaching tablet by Aakash Institute.

Enquire for Full Video-Lectures @ (http://www.aakashitutor.com/edu-tab/) and prepare for NTSE and Board Exams. The full video lecture covers topics related to Mean of grouped data, mode of grouped data, median of grouped data, cumulative frequency distribution, graphical representation of cumulative frequency distribution, ogive, class mark, upper class limit, lower class limit, direct method, step deviation method, assumed mean method, range, class interval, cumulative frequency table, cumulative frequency table of more than type, cumulative frequency table of less than type, median class, modal class, empirical formula and graphical representation of cumulative frequency distribution.)
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Unit 4: Probability, Lecture 1 | MIT 6.050J Information and Entropy, Spring 2008
Unit 4: Probability, Lecture 1
Instructors: Paul Penfield, Seth Lloyd

See the complete course at: http://ocw.mit.edu/6-050js08

License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA
More information at http://ocw.mit.edu/terms
More courses at http://ocw.mit.edu
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Some Applications of Mathematics in Finance
Dr Robert Campbell of the Unviersity of St. Andrews, Scotland, gives a talk to PhD students about working as a "quant" in the finance industry. This was filmed 7th November 2008 and is part of a series of seminars supported by the UK's Economics Network. Slides can be downloaded from http://www.economicsnetwork.ac.uk/archive/standrews_phd/campbell_finance.htm

The Economics Network
Speaker: Dr Robert Campbell
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Class 9th Math: Statistics Frequency Polygon
Class 9th Math: Statistics Frequency Polygon. Aakash iTutor (Enquire Here: http://www.aakashitutor.com/edu-tab/) - A next generation tablet based complete educational product.
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CT3 (Probability and Mathematical Statistics) April 2013 Exam Review
Brief overview of the on the UK Actuarial Profession's CT3 April 2013 paper.
Full worked solutions are available in our ASET.
See http://www.acted.co.uk/html/paper_aset.htm
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Elementary Statistics Lesson 1 Math tutorial, How to find Variation between the mean and the value
Elementary Statistics Lesson 1 Math tutorial, How to find Variation between the mean and the value
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Relationship Between Poisson and Exponential Distributions
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Statistical Mechanics Lecture 1
(April 1, 2013) Leonard Susskind introduces statistical mechanics as one of the most universal disciplines in modern physics. He begins with a brief review of probability theory, and then presents the concepts of entropy and conservation of information.

Originally presented in the Stanford Continuing Studies Program.

Stanford University:

Continuing Studies Program:

Stanford University Channel on YouTube:
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Transformation of random variables.
This video shows how to find the density of the transformation of a random variable.
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Lecture 1: Math. Analysis
The second class in Dr Joel Feinstein's G12MAN Mathematical Analysis module covers a revision of notation: sets, subsets, intersections and unions of finitely many sets. Further module materials are available for download from The University of Nottingham open courseware site: http://unow.nottingham.ac.uk/resources/resource.aspx?hid=c6c045f6-286d-6b9f-b96c-36a998632fc3 and on iTunes U: http://itunesu.nottingham.ac.uk/albums/71.rss
Dr Feinstein's blog may be viewed at: http://explainingmaths.wordpress.com
Dr Joel Feinstein is an Associate Professor in Pure Mathematics at the University of Nottingham.
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