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Werner A. Waldow (Team Germany) [Racing Pigeons Loft / Taubenschlag / Palomar] (2014)
Werner A. Waldow [Racing Pigeons Loft / Taubenschlag / Palomar] (2014)
with subtitles in English, Deutsch and Español.

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Story in German (Deutscher Artikel über dieses Video):

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Taiwan to the World   Pigeon Game Part 2
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The Fight Against Ebola (Full Length)
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The current Ebola outbreak in West Africa began in Guinea in December 2013. From there, it quickly spread to Liberia and Sierra Leone. Cases also appeared in Senegal and Nigeria, and there was another outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Today, Liberia is at the center of the epidemic, with more than 3,000 cases of infection. About half of them have been fatal.

As President Barack Obama announced that he would be sending American military personnel to West Africa to help combat the epidemic, VICE News traveled to Monrovia to spend time with those on the front lines of the outbreak.

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DAA LOFT is a team of friends and family racing pigeons in Tampa Florida with great results. Here, the competition is hard and races are lost by seconds. ALL TAMPA RPC races against Spring Hill and Brooksville, thus making this a particularly hard place to race. It was a great weekend, and I can honestly say these guys are about as passionate about their sport as can be. Thanks for Sharing with us! DAA LOFTS!
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Jos Thone Auction  PIPA
Little Ripper Pigeon Documentary. Broadcast all over the world. Starring Jos Thone!!

http://www.facebook.com/LittleRipperMovie please visit and like our facebook page to get our new amazing pigeon movie broadcast!
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Pombas exóticas - Exotic pigeons!!!
Os mais incríveis e admiráveis columbídeos!!! Um show de cores que não estamos acostumados a ver nesses tipos de aves!!!! Vale a poena conferir!!!
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Senegalese Laamb Wrestling: Marabout Ritual (VICE on HBO Ep. #8 Extended)
Vice Correspondent Thomas Morton trains for an upcoming laamb wrestling match and meets a Senegalese shaman who bathes him in a series of potions to give him an edge over his opponent.


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HD Origami Dove Tutorial
Full HD Origami dove of peace tutorial without audio paloma sin audio colombe pomba taube colomba esercitazione due Оригами голубь учебник นกพิราบกวดวิชา güvercin öğretici 折り紙の鳩のチュートリアル 折纸鸽子教程 摺紙鴿子教程 종이 접기 비둘기 자습서
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3D origami bird dove (pigeon) master class
3D origami bird dove (pigeon) master class

This video shows how to make bird dove (pigeon) 3D origami. Make this paper birds of the world itself in the collection or for a present. It is very beautiful and interesting. Dove 3D origami will be an excellent interior decoration!

We need for assembling bird dove (pigeon) 676 pieces. Wings will need 240 pieces. Pigeon's body is assembled of 203 pieces. Breast collected of 50 pieces. The neck need 57 pieces. On the head need 20 pieces. The tail consists of 89 pieces. Beak need one piece and paws need 16 pieces.

We need:
659 white and 17 pink triangular pieces.
How to make these pieces see here: http://youtu.be/eM-dcNurtrY

Making 1st, 2nd and 3rd row of 10 white pieces in each

Make the 4th row of 15 white

Make the 5th row of 15 white

Slightly bend the construction and make 6th row of 15 pieces

7th row: 22 pieces

8th row: 22 pieces

9th row: 22 pieces

and 10th row: 22 pieces

11th row consists of 20 pieces (some pieces clothe on three corners)

12th row: 20 pieces

Making breast.
1st row: 13 pieces

2nd row: 12 pieces

3rd row: 13 pieces (short side pieces outward)

4th row: 12 pieces (short side pieces outward)

Making neck (short side pieces outward)
1st row: 7 pieces

2nd row: 6 pieces
3rd row: 5 pieces
4th row: 4 pieces

5th row: 5 pieces
6th row: 4 pieces
7th row: 5 pieces

8th row: 4 pieces
9th row: 3 pieces
10th row: 4 pieces
11th row: 3 pieces

12th row: 4 pieces
13th row: 3 pieces

bend the neck

Making the head: 3, 4, 5, 4, 4


Making dove's tail:
1st row: 7 pieces
2nd row: 8 pieces
3rd row: 9 pieces

4th row: 8 pieces
5th row: 9 pieces
6th row: 8 pieces

Making feathers. Dress two pieces free pockets "Outward".
Then, two pieces clothe free pockets inside. And then one piece
clothe on top

needs to be done 8 feathers

Making wing. From the 1st to the 9th row 8 pieces in each

10th row: 7 pieces

11th and 12th row: 6 pieces

next row make of 5 pieces

14th, 15th and 16th row: 4 pieces in each

17th and 18th row: 3 pieces in each

then the series 2, 2, 1, 1

Similarly, but in mirror reflection make second wing

9 rows of 8 pieces in each

then 7, 6, 6, 5, 4, 4, 4, 3, 3, 2, 2, 1, 1

bend the wings

Fasten beak

glue wings

glue tail

Making paw of 5 pink

2 and 1 pink (is glued)

Making two paws

Making of paper eyes

glue eyes and paws

Dove of the pieces (triangles) origami ready!

And now you know how to make dove (pigeon) from the paper in the art 3D origami. If you want to use this video as master class for the assembly bird dove.

Also you can see how to make others 3D origami:

And visit my website http://3d_origami.bringingsuccess.ru
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Going Home.mp4
After a long haul with a convoy of articulated lorries travelling from the north of England to Brussels in Belgium, Jim Gibbon and his team from the Up North Combine released thousands of pigeons for the long flight home.
It is this journey, the organisation that gave rise to it, the lives of the fanciers, the drivers, and of course the pigeons that provide the backbone of our film. The kernal is the liberation of the birds and their astonishing struggle to get back to their lofts. The key attribute of these "athletes of the sky", as Jim Gibbon explains, is their combination of stamina and brains.
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Caccia - Colombacci In irlanda - Ireland Pigeon Hunting - Chasse Pigeon
Caccia - Colombacci In irlanda - Ireland Pigeon Hunting - Chasse Pigeon
Caccia - Colombacci In irlanda - Ireland Pigeon Hunting - Chasse Pigeon
Caccia - Colombacci In irlanda - Ireland Pigeon Hunting - Chasse Pigeon

Chasse sous marine
Pesca in apnea sub
Caza Submarina

Benvenuto sul canale del pescatore in apnea, il canale su YouTube con una delle più grandi collezioni di video sulla pesca subaquea. Film, documentari, tutorials a caccia di pesci esotici. Iscriviti al canale per non perderti le prossime avventure! http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_GO1IiIPf7Mq6Y4CktxT2A?sub_confirmation=1

Welcome to my freediving apnea channel, the YouTube channel with the widest collection of videos about spearfishing. Films, documentaries, tutorials and much more, subscribe and don't miss any new adventure! http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_GO1IiIPf7Mq6Y4CktxT2A?sub_confirmation=1

Bienvenue sur ma chaîne de chasse sous marine en apnée. Ma chaîne YouTube est une large collection de vidéos sur la chasse au harpon. Des films, documentaires, des tutoriaux et bien d'autres! Abonne toi pour ne manquer aucune de mes nouvelles aventures http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_GO1IiIPf7Mq6Y4CktxT2A?sub_confirmation=1

Bienvenidos a mi canal de buceo libre sin respiración, el canal de YouTube con la colección de videos más amplia acerca de pesca submarina. Películas, documentales, tutoriales y mucho más, suscríbete y no te pierdas esta gran aventura! http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_GO1IiIPf7Mq6Y4CktxT2A?sub_confirmation=1

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Pigeons - From egg to young adults
Jukin Media Verified (Original)
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In June of 2014, I noticed first one, and then two pigeon eggs in my flowerbox right outside my window, with a doting mother and father pigeon. I set up a camera and recoded them 24/7 for the next 3 months, as the eggs hatched and the chicks grew up into full size pigeons.
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Pigeon Racing Industry in the Philippines- Agribusiness Season 1 Episode 12 Part 1
Since then pigeons are part of the Filipino culture. Get to know the booming industry of Pigeon Racing in the Philippines.

Agribusiness - How It Works, Sundays between 8:00AM to 9:00AM
ABS-CBN Sports + Action
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