Back Button Focusing with the Canon T4i(650D) and T5i(700D)

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Canon T4i/T5i Tips - Back button focusing:
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The Tone King (4 мес. назад)
Another great tutorial. Thank you. Can't you just set to take multiple
pictures when you hold the shutter button? Multiple exposures?
Patrick McNease (3 мес. назад)
Toby thank you for taking the time to educate us on subtle changes that can
enhance our shooting experience. 
Michael Falkous (3 мес. назад)
Thank you for the tip that it very helpful.
Don Carnes (29 дн. назад)
There is one on the 70D
Piscopamipé (4 мес. назад)
Truth is most photographers only rarely need to stop focus. And rewiring
your brain to permanently switch to back button focusing can be a
challenge. One thing you can do is keep BBF on C mode and switch to that
mode when you need to stop focus. If you don't have a custom mode on your
dial, another option is to autofocus and then switch the lens to manual
focus to lock it there. Oh and on the 70D you can re-map the AF-ON button
to an AF-OFF function (C.Fn III.4).
KoTTaK911 . (2 мес. назад)
Great tuorial.. ihave a question.. could you take a photo while it
Aguilpa1 (2 мес. назад)
I just tried this on the smaller EOS M and it also works. The M doesn't
have any extra buttons on the back but maps the function to the left push
on the joystick wheel. It works well. The onscreen functions are pretty
much identical otherwise.
Brandon Dang (26 дн. назад)
very helpful guy for beginners
Mag Punky (5 мес. назад)
Thansk for that tip! It makes my day! Great tuts.
Craig Cimini (1 месяц назад)
When I use the AE Lock button to Back Button Focus what button would I use
to lock the exposure if I wanted to Lock Focus with the back button and
then recompose my image? The reason I ask is, since I'm using the AE Lock
button for my focus, how do I then lock the exposure if I am focusing on
someone in a lighter area and then recomposing the shot and the recomposed
image becomes darker. My image would be underexposed since the Exosure
metering would change after I recomposed the shot, wouldn't it? Or does
Back Button focusing also lock the exposure metering as well? Sorry if I'm
not explaining this well.
Myle Thomas (1 месяц назад)
Just recently bought a canon t5i, great tutorial.
GetawayJeep (5 мес. назад)
Just bought a T4i, thanks for these guides!
Joo Kay (2 мес. назад)
Great tip..thanks :)
Ashley Mathers (2 мес. назад)
i am a begginer and would have never found that option, ill have a play
with the camera now. thanks a lot. 
Terry Stage (2 мес. назад)
Toby, thanks SO MUCH for this information! I had just recently heard about
this feature on PetaPixel, presented by a guy who uses Nikons. So glad to
hear I can do it on my new Canon T5i!!
Studat (1 год назад)
Cool video, my head is spinning. Lol.
Alan howatt (11 мес. назад)
hello and thank you for your reply. i ask you as you must get a lot of feed
back on the t4i, but all the people i have spoken to who have the same
problem are using the 18-135mm stm lens. thank you anyway.
Gymshoe17 (1 год назад)
I just got the T4i, loving it but one question, how the heck can i stop the
camera from shutting down from inactivity?
CameraRec Toby (6 мес. назад)
Hi Tom, I don't have any :( I do have a playlist full of T4i/T5i guides
that you may find helpful and they are all free :)
Steve Fisher (1 год назад)
OK That was it, some reason the first video I saw stopped at 2:44, This
whole video was very helpful and I totally understand it...Thanks ..