bmw e36 318is m42b18 DME EWS bypass modification / obejscie EWS

bmw e36 318is m42b18 DME EWS bypass modification / obejscie EWS

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ENG & PL: small board on eprom added. It has black microcontroller: AT89C2051-24SC. Numbers on DME cover are BOSCH 0 261 203 590 (1214)1743250, and says this number belong to DME 1.7.2 m42b18 318is from 02/1994 to 12/1994

there is 3 wires coming from that added board.
+12V wire soldered to pin number 56, which is fuse
TX wire soldered pin number 81, which is CUTED because this pin goes out to ews box
and G wire soldered to side of small capacitor, which is near to pin 81

also, as you see constant-voltage regulator with nubmer 30014 is replaced by new one or diffrent one (I don't know why)

it's working fine. You can buy that ews emulator on internet. Try google

PL:dodana jest mała płytka na kosci eprom. MA czarny mikokontroler AT89C2051-24SC. Numery na przykrywce DME sa takie: DME BOSCH 0 261 203 590 (1214)1743250, a mowi ze ten numer nalezy do DME 1.7.2 m42b18 318is od 02/1994 do 12/1994

tam sa 3 kable wychodzące z tej dodanej plytki.
+12 przylutowany do pinu 56, ktory jest zasilaniem
TX przylutowany do pinu 81, ktory jest PRZECIETY, poniewaz idzie na zewnatrz do pudelka z ews-em
i G przylutowany do boku malego kondensatora, ktory jest blisko pinu 81

a takze jak widac zostal wymieniony stabilizator napiecia 30014 na nowy lub inny (nie wiem dlaczego)
wszystko dziala bez problemowo. Mozna kupic taki emulator na necie

p.s. polski wątek na forum:

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Karl martins (2 г. назад)
Hi! The same technic with e36 3.0 1995 ews ? help me please !
Jose Luis (2 г. назад)
so what year was the dme? If it was pre 1995 then the ews can be bypassed
in the bay also, but if its a EWS 2 then I might be super interested!
Psycodeoday (2 г. назад)
I really do not know! sorry, but I've bought this DME from ebay, and when
I've opened it, I saw that modification. So I don't know nothing about it.