Comet ISON - Heavy Debris Field Will We Witness Massive Meteor 'Showers'?

Comet ISON - Heavy Debris Field Will We Witness Massive Meteor 'Showers'?

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ISON is leaving a trailing 'rain' of comet debris, dust, particles, in space
According to estimations, after ISON has sailed past us, earth is on an orbital trajectory which will pass through the comet's trail

Will we witness massive meteor 'showers'?

Will it rain down fire from the sky?

Even if the chances are very little we have to keep an eye.

Comet ISON Disintegrated !

Disintegration Distance of Comet ISON

Perihelion & Distance: LIVE Information

Music credit: Igor Dvorkin, Duncan Pittock - "Psychedelic Space"

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Orbital1 (1 год назад)
Saw a 14 yr old boy get hit in the head with some small rocks and had to
have staples in his head. Could be the beginning of some 'showers' or
maybe a 'storm'. The father held up a handful of 1 and 2 inch irregular
stones in this video recently.
Suzyq1948 (1 год назад)
If we are looking at a major comet spread, NASA will never tell. Someone
said they never lie, they only keep secrets.. deliberate omission is the
same as lying! Now I feel bad by saying I'm bored these days (hate winter)
& it looks like we will be experiencing some very nervous times ahead. What
will be, will be, & I thought there wouldn't be anything to talk about
after ISON evaporated..HA!...WRONG! 
Chris Robison (1 год назад)
Anything is possibble @ this point in time
Da Bost (1 год назад)
I have my little yellow helmet on with aluminum foil lol. I'm ready for
anything weeeeeee 
Shmeldon Shmooper (1 год назад)
the dust is ok, unless we get a plague from it. Some have linked plagues up
to comet dust. The worst part is not knowing how big the remaining pieces
are and the rate of spread is needed to determine the debris path. I'm sure
most of the debris will stay within the original orbit. My only concern
here is the bumping of battleship size fragments off of one another and
changing the trajectory of a dangerous rock in such a way that it begins a
course toward Earths orbit.
Smokey D (1 год назад)
go watch nikolateslasghost new video. check at around 16min mark. you can
see a cme blast ison, ison v out huge, the wave passes by, and ison looks
fully intact and impressive.
CONCERTMANchicago (1 год назад)
*Thank you* for at least not *guessing* the worst or proclaiming
apocalypse. Till it happens, we will not know for sure. But I like your
theory better than NASA's so far. Quality production on this video too.
Space Agency MHM (1 год назад)
Paul Gilbert (1 год назад)
comet debris will very soon I think Dec 26th and all next year too starting
Jan 14th
NASA can say what they want but the fragments are still heading this Way
lets hope its a Atlantic Ocean impact if any without the tsunami
The oncoming storm (1 год назад)
well, if we *do* pass through the debris field, i'm sure there will be a
spectacular meteor shower. 
Randy Harris (1 год назад)
so the dust will be stationary and stay in one spot and defy the laws of
physics regarding orbit and the earth is going to come crashing in to it
right. no that cant be possible the comet debris is ahead of us in orbit
and it will always orbit ahead of us around the sun and if the comet did
survive its not going to drop debris on us because there is NO FUCKING
GRAVITY IN SPACE!!!!! use your common sense people...well that applies to
the people who has it
Robert Bryant (1 год назад)
The fragments of Ison will be millions of miles above Earths path.
There is no Gravity in space...there for the fragments can not fall
Into Earths path......We may see meter showers....they will be a long way
Howardb42006 (1 год назад)
You better get right, because there will be nothing left...
TheFaceintheclouds (1 год назад)
Daniel Freedman (1 год назад)
They're wrapping the top of the Capital Dome to try and protect it from a
meteor strike. Just like politicians protecting themselves first!
Ezfla (1 год назад)
prediction...see u on 1/13/2014
Seeingatruth (1 год назад)
You keep saying that 'the comet has disintegrated'. There are a lot of
people that never believed it was in one piece to begin with. It's now in
smaller pieces. It survived perihelion, although much reduced. The data is
more important than the model. Don't ignore the data simply because it's
doesn't fit the model.
JimmyVenom13 (1 год назад)
Thoughts in action can make things happen, wish for something long enough,
but be careful what you wish for. In the mean time don`t worry be happy . 
Fewferfev (1 год назад)
See Nikola Tesla's Ghost video. It's not destroyed at all.
JoJo Kadilihopper (1 год назад)
Appearances are often deceiving