African American Detroit test scores are as low as cavemen anchorman suggests Razing Detroit

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They figured they just guessed on all the tests they don't know how to read. Shepard Smith Suggest Razing Detroit. Of course the black activists blamed the white man for not giving Detroit Blacks a proper education. Home schooled whites score twice as high as any African America. There is a obvious reason why they have never caught up to their white counterparts and it's not racism or white privilege.
We only need to look at Africa

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Mike franklin (18 дн. назад)

Myke D (5 мес. назад)
Detroit is predominantly black. Black students and teachers, and it's not a
coincidence that they are among the very lowest of the low in academia
(dat meanz lurnin n shyt). It's not 'whitey's' fault, and no one can be
blamed but those involved. Parents, students and teachers need to take
responsibility (n shyt).
BaronNate (3 мес. назад)
Let me interject this for thought, australia was a PRISON, look what whites
did with it. Now....what is YOUR excuse blacks? Loud mouths talking over
each other.
Kriegsmarschall Grim (5 дн. назад)
The average IQs in Black Africa range from 60 to 70s. In America they're in
the 80s due to White admixture. It's no surprise when majority African
areas in the West perform so poorly.
Syphon Filter (14 дн. назад)
Asking for teachers to be jailed is a little extreme. Fired??? I can
understand but jail??? Not really. 
Tintinex (1 месяц назад)
Shubham2shanker7 (3 мес. назад)
I'm Asian and it's surprising to read some of the comments by Africans here
(whites are being a bit rude too though), you blame an entire race for
being a pathetic student? For not putting your ass on that chair and not
putting pen to paper? For not trying to use your brains on math and science
and geography and language skills? REALLY? Your school performance has
absolutely NOTHING to do with racism. If anything, doing well in academics
is a sure shot way of disproving negative stereotypes and uplifting
yourselves. Ranting on Youtube won't help. Hard work and persistence will.
Sam Rosenbalm (4 мес. назад)
For all the stupid comments insulting black people's intelligence, I just
thought I would remind people that "IQ" is itself a western concept.
Everything about our society is eurocentric to the core. Black people in
our society are not measured by their quality as human beings, but rather
how well they can imitate white people. We need to go beyond race and start
to look at the true reason for these problems - a difference in culture and
how white people can be totally oblivious to these issues. We are so
utterly engulfed in our eurocentric, white way of life - we perceive this
as the societal default, and expect nonwhites to do as we do. The racism is
so ingrained in who we are as a people that we can't even see it - sort of
the way a person who stinks don't actually know it. I am proud of my
ethnicity and am not ashamed of being white, but the truth is that none of
us are exempt from racism. I know I certainly am not. 
Glitter (14 дн. назад)
The 3 races average IQ asiatic 108, Caucasian 106, negro 86
Kathy G (8 дн. назад)
Next thing the blacks will be accusing the teachers of giving their black
children harder homework assignments then the white children....just to
make there kids look unintelligent....that will be next....they have to
blame someone for their kids turning out the way they do and getting crappy
grades. It would never dawn on the parents.... that just maybe their not
helping there children at all like they should be
Likea whispr (20 дн. назад)
Idiot Sharlonda is as dumb as her name. She's wanting teachers to do a
parents' job. It isn't a teachers job to teach a child to read, do basic
math, know basic geography, etc. That's a parent's job. Tyrone talking
about "progress" being made is just as stupid as Sharlonda wanting to jail
teachers. How about kick people out of public housing and off ANY public
assistance, if their kids fail ANY standardize exams by making a score
under average. That'll shut the parents up!
Michaela Egge (11 дн. назад)
It was a mistake scrolling down to read the comments on this video, so much
racism and hate. *Especially* from white people.
Michaelrose93 (6 дн. назад)
4:24 "If my kid were in Detroit I'd try to burn the place down" < Ya, and
when it *burns* just remember who started it, Whitey
William Hickman (5 дн. назад)
They need the send in the National Guard and stick all these monkey's in
cages. This is bullshit for this to be going on in 2014. Burn the city of
Detroit down. 
EdDy4RheelZ (19 дн. назад)
But honestly, wtf? Jail the teachers? Hey bitch. I am not responsible for
your kids lack of motivation to learn. I am not your kids' babysitter. If
the parents raise their kids properly and discipline them to behave
properly and learn, then that itself can improve the test scores on its
own. And honestly, in today's society, there's technology everywhere and
you can even use online to learn all the stuff you need to learn. Back when
I went to high school, online resources were limited and I had to learn
almost everything through textbooks. People who are older than me, had it
worse. And ffs, there's KHAN ACADEMY. THAT ITSELF is enough resources to
learn on your own. You can access that shit through your Obamaphone, you
fucking cunt.
Alan tanner (4 мес. назад)
It is a fact that most blacks have an IQ of 70 or below.They dont have the
brain power no matter who is teaching them
Cabdirshid Osman (1 месяц назад)
For those of you who gave the racist comments suggesting that race and
intelligence are connected, you couldn't be more wrong.
intelligence has to do with nurture and circumstance and not with nature
and genetics.
Only about 400 years ago Europeans were slaughtering each other based on
religion, nationality and tribes. People could be easily accused of
witchcraft and being witch, and as punishment they were burned alive while
the public was watching.
Europeans also thought not long before that time, that the earth was flat.
During that period there were many wars in Europe, captured kings and other
leaders were beheaded in the public. I am not talking about ancient history
before Christ, I am talking about around 400 years ago, some of those
activities continued to not that long ago.

Therefore, does that mean that at that uncivilised unintelligent times for
Europe, Europeans were not white?, they were black or other race. And in
couple of centuries they became white and hence intelligent? No of course
not, At that time Europeans were as white as today.
At the moment, China is a powerful nation and growing , only 100 years ago
China was dominated by Europeans, China lost Hong Kong and Macau to the
Europeans. Was that because 100 to 150 years ago China was genetically
different than now? and hence less powerful and less intelligent.than now.
NO THAT IS NOT THE CASE.Things go up and down for nations, countries,
continents and races. Otherwise powerful countries today would just sit and
relax and do nothing to keep the status qua. Knowing that it is genetics,
nature and race and things will always be like that for them. THAT IS NOT
THE CASE. Therefore advanced countries today do whatever they can by any
means necessary to keep the status qua, because they know it is not nature
and genetics but nurture, circumstances, opportunities and chances with no
obstacles and hindrance.
Africa today is making a lot of progress, civil wars are becoming less and
less. illiteracy rates are decreasing, population is growing faster because
diseases are prevented and cured better. Does that mean Africans are
changing genetically and becoming white? LOOOL. NO THAT IS NOT THE CASE.

James Mark (21 дн. назад)
Why is this even newsworthy? There isn't a single predominantly black
school district in the country whose test scores are higher than the WORST
white school district in the country. That's a remarkable stat. Washington
DC doesn't do much better than Detroit and, yet, the cost per student is
the highest in the country for public schools. Just more data points in the
blacks have lower IQ story.
Seanjbeatboy (1 месяц назад)
Seems like all the white supremacist here wanna worship Asians and
demonized Africans. Talking about IQ tests. We AFRICANS should have a
melanin test and watch ALL WHITES FAIL MISERABLY. By nature we are
superior. And since a whites go against ALL NATURE, it's only their duty to
feminize and destroy us.