Minecraft PC - Hunger Games At Yogtowers!

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Hello everybody! And welcome to a round of hunger games! Myself and Stampy Cat recently visited yogtowers and they kindly let us record in their livestream room!
A big shoutout to Martyn Littlewood for editing and uploading this video for me while I was traveling back home! And also to the Yogscast for letting us use their facilities!
Hope you enjoy!

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Комментарии (3709)

IBallisticSquid (7 мес. назад)
If the quality is only 360p just keep refreshing! Youtube is still
processing the video! :)
NZGreen Kiwi (3 дн. назад)
Omg stamps looks so um ...
Reality Shovel Stuf7 (2 мес. назад)
How come Squid's name is just "squid" and Stampy's name is just "stampy"?
Alysa Rose (2 мес. назад)
+iBallisticSquid +stampylonghead i was sanna990 when you were playing
that i was on the same game as you
Lane bolette (2 мес. назад)
19:22 19:25
Lukedoesminecraft (3 мес. назад)
Why is squids name "squid" I mean, shouldn't his name be "iBallisticsquid"?
Raman Sanjayan (3 дн. назад)
Why are their arms different to their actual skin. They have Steve skin but
their own arms
PvPCrafterPvP (3 мес. назад)
how do you change your name on the Hive?
Mike Kabatt (3 мес. назад)
Did anyone see a arrow in stamps butt
Dawnte Duffin (4 мес. назад)
stampy has green hair
Goran Pelaić (27 дн. назад)
Andrea Conniff (26 дн. назад)
In the second part squids name was bob
RandomSafariAJ (6 мес. назад)
Stampy's hair looks green XD
Demeca Harris (1 месяц назад)
Stamy you are like Hear from 1D

Brianna Cook (2 мес. назад)
Is there voice naturally like that or do they just fake it I'm confused
Neal trzebiatowski (4 мес. назад)
can you guys get sky games and meat me in the loby if you do
Swansea girl (2 мес. назад)
Squid is soooooo hot I love him MARRY ME SQUID 💜💜💜💜💜💜💙💙💙💙💙
Kitty kk (3 мес. назад)
can stampy cut his hair
Ben Kind (2 дн. назад)
did you know dat wood sword is better dan gold
Joseph Mottram (4 дн. назад)
u r both awesome u and stampy r my fav utubers