1954 Buick Wildcat II Recreation SEMA 2013 smotretrusskoe.ru

1954 Buick Wildcat II Recreation SEMA 2013

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A 1954 Buick Wildcat II recreation that I shot at SEMA 2013.....A concept car from Buick back in the day....It took eight years to build....But Man is it cool..Check it out!!...Make sure you follow me so that you don't miss any of the other awesome videos I post daily!!!
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3melendr (3 мес. назад)
Corvette hybrid! Rear deck lid, windscreen, seats and wells, the tail
light, the dash, banjo steering wheel. Up front what a neat job! Beautiful!
Love the way they cleaned up the front clip and wheel wells. Great post,
never have seen this one or one like it. Is that a nail head sitting under
the hood?
TheEternalHater (3 мес. назад)
thats awesome. this guy really went all in for this modern classic.
Dale White (1 год назад)
I don't have any idea what it would cost to build something like that! All
I know is, I don't have that much money in 3 cars,my home, or my savings
account to build something like that! That is stunning! Another great video
ScottieDTV (1 год назад)
M Bell (1 год назад)
This is my favorite car so far. Thanks for shootin it bro!
Waterwalkingbyfaith (1 год назад)
Wow!...Very Very Impressive.....one of a kind Beauty!....I wonder what that
would be worth?
Carl grandin (1 год назад)
Seen lots of 54 Vettes. Seen a few pics of a similar Ponta-soareses (show
cars). Never ever heard of a Buick! Your some kinda Indiana Jones Scottie!
Thanks to everyone in bringing this to life.
BZBEAST12 (1 год назад)
I do see some design features from the corvette pretty cool car :) 
ADS Studio (1 год назад)
Rainsweeps (1 год назад)
StrtRodder100 (1 год назад)
awesome recreation
Wayne Guiboche (1 год назад)
Mario pompetti (1 год назад)
super cool
Leo M. Mara (1 год назад)
Scottie, you just keep doing it. Great cars. Great videos. Great
interviews. Thanks, Thanks, Thanks.
Mirouf1974 (1 год назад)
C'est une vrais œuvre d’are, ce mec a fait un travail remarquable!!!
FullThrottle440 (1 год назад)
you don't see that everday. it really is a cool car
HARMARSCH2 (1 год назад)
That is just cool.
Eduard Mazrreku (1 год назад)
beautiful Scottie
we share on Thecarss
6771Randy (1 год назад)
How can you possibly top this one Scottie?
This is by far the best I've seen!
Damir ferenc (1 год назад)
Thats a Car !!!!!!