MK Ultra: Mind Control pt. 2/2 -Switching Triggers

MK Ultra: Mind Control pt. 2/2 -Switching Triggers

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Mind control is real. You can do the research yourself and find much information on this subject. It's not just the actors, but also unknown people. Just look it up, it's simple!

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Capricorno Uno (2 мес. назад)
Mind Control without doubt exists. BUT!!! This video is SOOO STUPID! I
think that poorly informed people shouldn't try to act like real
researchers... for example the site death and hell it's a fuckin joke, not
really serious... SO try to do REAL research before publish something...
TheMegadethMonk (21 дн. назад)
Almost everything on here is correct (except the Johnny Depp crap) yet I
find it ironic that the uploader is a Muslim, and has yet to figure out
that it Islam is the largest an most prolific brain-washing, death-cult in
history. The children (girls) are raped whenever and at whatever age and
are told they are owned, while the boys are brainwashed into believing the
only way for him and his immediate family to gain entrance to 'paradise',
and thus out of Hell, is through a ritualistic-battle-suicide called Jihad.
The children are also made to memorize every line of the Quran, and take
orders from what ever Mullah is in charge of the Caliphate. They must
ritualistically pray towards a certain city five times a day while
listening to the same message for their entire lives. There are certain
times of the year where they are not allowed food or drink during the
daylight hours. If they chose or refuse to leave this cult, they are
murdered. If that doesn't sound like brainwashing, then nothing does.
Yusef Endure (14 дн. назад)
+Ziad Jeeroburkhan I would be careful when using adjectives like "dumb" to
describe your disagreement with my opinion as your response is
grammatically incorrect; making you look "dumb." How is it that I have
turned against you when I have no idea who you are? What aspect of my
response relates to vanity? The more important question for you remains
unanswered: Where's the proof?
Cham77gemBR (1 год назад)
I agree with you. I admit that I responded to some of these negative posts
not out of anger, but frustration. I like to be positive and stay positive
but sometimes I slip and need to get myself in check. Thanks for helping me
with that, much appreciated. Thanks again, for watching and posting...
Jorge Agostini (5 дн. назад)
well that was indeed a VERY strange/not normal reaction in that interview
so? and the preprogrammed trigger is, dude?
set of words? music? an specific frequency sended to her brain? all this
through her handler/s I have to suppose?
(in this Britney "case" seems only the 1st and 3rd are possible) 
Aprilmay90585 (8 мес. назад)
"Notice how he is laughing, but not really laughing." WTF kind of nonsense
is that
Steven Flinchbaugh (21 ч. назад)
This is not MK-ULTRA. These are people in the public eye trying to cope
with having their life exposed in public. At least that’s what I’ve seen so
far with Johnny and Britney.
Hey they’re actors and singers being asked questions that they probably
would rather not be asked. So they use the skills they have to cope. I’ll
see what the rest shows me if I can watch more of this bull that you call
mind control.
These other people are not what you say either.
Maybe you should find people who actually are Mind Controlled.
Anna Nicole was just having fun with her little girl.
Kay Savannah (9 мес. назад)
that Britney clip is quite interesting...that's definitely not normal human
behavior---especially since that's not her first high profile interview so
she knows how to act in front of cameras/reporters. Something changed & it
doesn't appear that that "something" was voluntary on her part.
Daniela efler (6 дн. назад)
Erst sind die Celebrities dran, dann WIR !!!
Caterinka p (11 ч. назад)
cham77gemBR Islam is a bigger shit, being a famous is difficult mentally.

Jon deme (11 дн. назад)
people don't want to believe this truth...the truth is crazy and ppl don't
wanna be perceived as crazy. that's why the elite keep gettin away with it
because all of us have been programmed from the start whether we realize it
or not. some people are lucky to keep strong morals to lead happy lives. if
we were educated and guided by leaders of actual good intentions then
america would not be fucked like it is today. the devil doesnt need to be
sum horned demon with a pitchfork to make u fall for this enslavement.
Etienne Latour (3 мес. назад)
Whoever DOES NOT believe this.. I suggest you look up MK ultra. Mind
control is more than real, the government needs to be disposed of.
Brittany Titus (1 месяц назад)
With all this technology. makes no sense why people aren't being
caught...or these actors..singers...are sayin anything...if they all come
together as one they can't kill em all..and we ain't gonna think they all
went crazy...mayb some.,,,I'm not n their shoes... but fuck all this
shit..I liked to know who the fuck is running this bitch.... like
really.,,, but they hide n gay shit...fuck em....
MGM SPORTS (8 дн. назад)
Ok watched the whole thing. I'm glad I did, although the video did make me
cry. It made me ask myself "Where is god" "Why would god allow this stuff
to happen and allow people's souls to be taken like this" Makes me not even
believe in "god" for this to be able to happen, something got seriously,
seriously, fucked up somewhere along the way.
Rick Sander (16 дн. назад)
You know what no one wants to do? Read your video.
SufferinSprings (2 дн. назад)
I do have to compliment the person who edited this video and came up with
the captions and added the ominous yet groovy background music. You are a
very imaginative and creative person indeed. Glad you've found a creative
Michael88863 (8 дн. назад)
heard of recreational drugs?
Hunter (22 дн. назад)
Incredible.. mind control.. how? It's normal behaviour, even animals
switch personalities. A grazing happy animal..hears or sees a lion in the
distance... switches personalities ASAP. Life is never bubble gum and
candy. When you remember something bad in the past, your feelings change.
The body is nothing..even with out feeling.. the body needs a brain to
feel. It is all normal. If you get hit by a car, your brain automatically
switches your body (brain) to a num status, so that you don't feel that
your leg has been ripped off. It's mind control, of course it's normal.
Some people are more sensible than others so they react more. This bs* is
like UFO's and ghosts.. people want to belive it so they just do,
regardless of if it makes sense or not.
Jahartmanbaker (10 дн. назад)
i don't know much about mind control, but this episode with britney does
suggest to me a dissociated identity surfacing in order to protect her from
trauma, but it fails, as her dominant personality re-engages and is forced
to confront the trauma