MK Ultra: Mind Control pt. 2/2 -Switching Triggers

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Mind control is real. You can do the research yourself and find much information on this subject. It's not just the actors, but also unknown people. Just look it up, it's simple!

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Missi R (1 месяц назад)
wow that reading was very very disturbing....and poor Anna Nicole...her
baby girl is so beautiful n looks just like her
Faith (1 месяц назад)
What does it mean at 13:27 "...In order to discredit Anna nicole" ?
Noutje Nout (4 мес. назад)
Retarded conspiracy theorists always makes me feel better about my
miserable life!!
Kay Savannah (5 мес. назад)
that Britney clip is quite interesting...that's definitely not normal human
behavior---especially since that's not her first high profile interview so
she knows how to act in front of cameras/reporters. Something changed & it
doesn't appear that that "something" was voluntary on her part.
Cham77gemBR (10 мес. назад)
Thanks for the post and the info... and for watching.
Aprilmay90585 (3 мес. назад)
"Notice how he is laughing, but not really laughing." WTF kind of nonsense
is that
Ian Roberson (18 дн. назад)
I do believe there is something truly sinister going on....we're distracted
all the time. People will give their kids speed for "ADD" but our
government won't let and adult smoke marijuana? Then the weirdest thing is
the fact that there is no video footage available anywhere of the north and
south pole from outer space or the earth as a whole. Then people ask me
"why does this matter" or "what does that mean?". Well basically there is
something so large geographically at the north and south pole you can see
it from space and it's being hidden in plain site. Our media, our drugs and
our own insecurities keep us from wondering about the world around us. I
mean we are concerned about global warming but not one individual will
bother to go see what the icecaps look like from space from a video camera?
I'm not talking about photos or still motion photography or CGI. I mean go
and look for one video from Apollo, or STS missions or any polar orbit
satellite. Weird enough you won't find it. Oh go call the Arctic and
Antarctic research institute and see if they don't dodge your question
believe me I tried. I mean seriously that like not knowing what america is
shaped like on video from space? If that metaphor doesn't shake your brain
loose I don't know what will. We are being me.
Ihatesuburbia83 (25 дн. назад)
the clown needs some lol! oh god this is too much..
Melvin Battle (1 месяц назад)
That's why she started crying in the video!!! I was wondering if she knew
what was happening to her. This is wild.
Summercide (1 месяц назад)
Allah is the ultimate programmer.. He designs killers.
MVPappas1 (1 месяц назад)
These people are possessed with many demons living inside of them, these
handlers are lucifereans, remember satan is the ruler of this world and the
air. Whether hey know it or not thy sold their souls to satan.
Besides the cloning of humans for many decades
Rosangela Sena (1 месяц назад)
It's funny to see you guys making all of these videos talking about
"brainwash" and then put this weird song (funeral song) on the background
just to make us feel more IMPACT with the phrases and photos. Another
brainwash haha.
Dench CDz (1 месяц назад)
this video is just creating more fear. more "brainwash" material. We are
more intelligent than this.
CriticalElixir (1 месяц назад)
Educating people as regards MK ULTRA all day with "look at Satan"
videos is not much different then going out and taking or delivering a
course and getting a black belt in karate - do you *REALLY* want to
empathize with *them*? What is here being offered in terms of a solution?
Nature hates a vacuum. If you are not active to BURN the NWO, you become
Lucifer's by default.

MK ULTRA FROM YAHUA'S PERSPECTIVE: If you don't view these
atrocities from the true eye of the pyramid's perspective, and that would
be the *true* god Yahua, then Draconian angels are given the legal rights
to place you on the cutting board next. Lucifer still is the one person
controls the "Illuminati" eye now as he was annointed by the creator to do
so but with a gun to his back now. Yahua is holding that gun now, and is
ruling secretly over thee earth now and Luci is His pawn. Luci meanwhile is
a silly little boy wannabee. It was Yehushua built the first pyramid Giza
and then Luci came in with his Egyptian pyramids to try and drown out the
truth and copy him.

As for MK ULTRA it's all about mind control now climaxing with the 666
chip, and disguising the fact that not everyone on the planet now is a
human. These are angels. Super human angels. .....and company down here on
thee earth here among us and humans are smart meanwhile - are waking up.
They KNOW their is a super human force running things in the background and
hence your taught to think along "MK ULTRA" which is just a clever lie. The
term "Illuminati" meanwhile was also fabricate to cloak the ANGELIC
presence because if the truth were known, that these are *angels* .....well
then the bible would become real indeed wouldn't it - as would thee idea
that their really is a creator therefore, and that there is no one else.
Which there isn't.

His throne is in the sun.

These angels fabricate NASA so's peeps assume mere inquisitive humans
run our planet, and not super human angels who are intimately familiar
with the past angelic history that was life on this solar system before the
re creation of thee earth and the introduction 7,000 years ago of man.

Not everyone on the planet is a human now. some are Lucifers SOME REALLY
ARE BORN EVIL, THEY ARE NOT OF THE LORD. Not everyone at the supermarket is
a human.

In Noahs day only 8 souls were preserved alive with human DNA - the rest
were ALIEN. Nephilem, hybrids, reptilian, demons and so on.

Some entire races on thee earth right now are NOT humans. They are
Lucifers, serpent seed. While they are born with black hearts, they CAN and
do turn to the Lord on very rare occasion and an example are the Asian
races. They, with their own mouths are the ones claim they are descendants
of the dragon, the dragon predominates their culture and rarely is Yehushua
(Jesus) mentioned by them or a cross found in their home. It is not too
difficult to decipher which of thee other races are serpent seed. (and yes
the recent earthquake in Japan was the Lords and Japan will be eventually
sunk) Most serpent seed races inhabit precarious low lying coastline areas
of thee earth, which are fit for destruction just as ancient Babylon was.

The creator warns: "Do not sympathize with the wicked one." especially
considering HUMANS in our day - will, according to the creator, "become as
rare as fine gold." In Noah's day, only 8 souls were left HUMAN - the rest
were aliens it is a war of the seeds - the DNA. "Just as in the days of
Noah, so the presence of the son of man will be." ....said Yehushua - which
is TODAY (with increasing frequency) Some are born evil, are demons or
nephilem spirits placed in human bodies by Lucifer and from birth, or in
other cases a family member can become soul scalped and taken over and
replaced, they try to blend in but they are always nipping love in the bud
as it were, even if it is not blatantly obvious they are evil.

Watch the video CREATOR SPEAKS FOR 2013 Part One - In this video the
Most High informs us thee Annunaki will walk thee earth to inforce the chip
shortly - presently these aliens, who are already here, among us still
maintain a lowest possible profile. Yehushua came down here to teach you
people who runs this place - A Draconian angel named Lucifer offered him
all the kingdoms of thee earth if he would bow to him, proving he owns them

Even a father, brother, husband, wife, son, or sister could be one
of THEM. Posers: Placed here by Lucifer - the (partially human, currently)
systems tolerance of crime in jails speaks as testament to how effective
these wolves who on occasion flash carefully orchestrated sheep clothing
are at persisting with us here now currently - they being perpetually
forgiven by society. Discrimination is taboo in today's society - sadly
thee aliens will exploit this loophole to infiltrate society which they can
only accomplish through legal rights as they are all about paperwork.

What were they thinking in Noah's day?? Today peeps are also on thee
edge of their seats to get only a glimpse of a UFO, alien or Bigfoot
Sasquatch (which the creator refers to as "the bears", and they are also
remnants of the angelic sea that was scattered from planet Rahab)

Lucifer has been given the legal right to place his own down here on thee
earth in our day. "just as in the days of Noah, so the presence of the son
of man will be." (In Noah's day the giants walked thee earth.)

What are aliens? All aliens are terrestrial, vs celestial angels and
co. REPTILIANS: A reptilian is an angel/human hybrid - Cain became the
first reptilian when Eve bred with Lucifer, a Draconian angel - who
incidentally pound Eve's face with his fists after mating with her. Abel
was Adams son, a human, and so began the division of the seeds/DNA. When
Cain's human body died, he lived on as a reptilian in the 4th dimension
(explains why they constantly torment humans - thee aim is to weaken and
then soul scalp another body to live in, as the 4th is a very painful
dimension) Now you know what a reptilian is. And to think David Ike
attempted to invest to do in a lifetime to never figure out what We just
told you. In one sentence.

DRACONIAN ANGELS: Draconians father reptilians when mating with a human.
The fathers (Dracs are high ranking fallen angels) of these reptiles have
technology to capture and place these pure evil demons or reptilians or
nephilim into human bodies emptied by careless guardians. (a demon is a
WATCHER angel/human hybrid, and Watchers were a guardian class of angel who
fell to become thee Annunaki) If you can accept the biblical fact that
fallen angels run our planet, from there you can begin to train yourself to
easily be able to spot them (running) society among us.

They are pretty easy to isolate once you understand a few basics but for
the most part their role is to govern in society. (gangs, obviously angelic
of an evil nature for instance, obviously, with increasing frequency
closely moderate society) They are very old for one. They use marijuana
heavily to numb their particular pain (which like anything else they do
only serves to make things worse - they are in a fundamental sense dumb as
a rock) They are fire proof - psychopath narcissists, they may have a
blatantly evil, say homosexual channel on you tube and yet not be burned in
the slightest by comments of ridicule) They are cattle herders in one way
or thee other - governors. (When Yehushua was on earth, Lucifer offered him
all the kingdoms of earth - GOVERNMENTS as a potential "reward", proving he
owns them all) They are aliens. Alien to the universe. They don't resonate
with nature. You may have a brother or sister who although a law abiding
citizen simply does not, say, get along with animals, or just has a
coldness to them. They are from a universe all their own. They are not
always sporting demon tattoos and go around saying how they love to hurt
people, but love is always eventually nipped in the bud by them as they are
energy vampires basically love flows this way, they flow that way. If you
get suspicious a family member is one of them, which he may well be, he may
haunt your house with phenomena and pretend to be surprised, may claim he
once saw an alien un cloak, or the classic pointless you tube videos
pointing at reptilian reporters all day which promotes boils down to
promoting lizards and really it does nothing to instill ones faith in the
living god lolmost.

You can isolate them using biblical questions - especially regarding the
Most High and they refuse to acknowledge Him - at least not in a
(genuinely) tasteful light. By the way they are quite capable of
speaking/using the creators name. Since Luci still desperately attempts to
run the planet currently while the creator methodically abysses him, his
star children are often found secretly placed into positions of authority
on earth as cattle herders, in an attempt to keep human minds in "place"
now. These may be teachers, or found in Luci's money machine, engineering,
advanced construction and so on. They may, say, use a music master demon to
nip HUMAN talent in the bud. (they hate humans as a human has the Yahweh's
trademark in his/her DNA, which can, actually WILL eventually be used by
Yahua Himself in order to destroy them) (remember to spot them you must
realize 2 things - Lucifer invented MONEY and POLITICS (creation ruling
creation) when he fell in our solar system on planet RAHAB before the RE
creation of thee earth in Genesis after Rahab was cast out in the war) (The
solar system was actually angelic, 5th dimension long before the (re)
creation of earth after the war with Rahab that left the solar system
desolate and then the introduction of humankind shortly after) They always
somehow support money and gov.They may sit around constantly trying to kick
gov. back into play, much like, say, Alex Jones does.

Meanwhile the creator is (here). He is an actual person you can literally
point to, with a definite body and an actual name in a definite space in
time, (His throne is in the Sun) and He is ruling once again, now, over and
on this planet (Earth), secretly, as of the year 1914 and so these kids of
Lucifer placed on the planet now live an awkward, painful life indeed -
since the creator police's them intimately now, yet "as a thief in the
night," secretly, and no crime goes un punished - in fact the locust plague
of revelation sees to it that sting operation is the perpetual name of the
game now. Lucifer has always been known as thee ACCUSER, It's how he eats -
and his locusts are the creator's wrath such that they BURN all evil doing
with the sting in their "tails" (meaning actually predominantly with their
mouths (accusations) but these stings will eventually become physical
climaxing with the death-stroke and FEMA camps) Lucifer does not want the
demons and reptilian "humans" among us to know the creator is ruling and
secretly has a gun to his back now - and so he first lobotomizes them, then
places them here after erasing their past memories as evil spirit persons.
(other of these ones here now know exactly what they are)

These aliens in society are actually notoriously easy to spot: very bossy,
they harbor an inner rage that always inevitably leaks its way out in one
way or thee other, since they do not bully others freely as the blatant
giants they once were in Noah's day and this "anomaly" burns & confuses &
torments them greatly. Why?..because today, unlike in Noah's day the Most
High is ruling once again and so will destroy bullying by a fire, meaning a
symbolic permanent and complete condemnation of thee earth that is now,
meaning the wrongdoing itself - the literal earth of course is forever.
Meanwhile the money king loosh (love of tortures) loving "Dracoinians"
enjoy watching the reptiles burn. If this message speaks to you and your
inclined to the gang language mentality, if you can behave your self now,
while still on earth, it may bode as a relief with you discover at death
that you only return to the painful 4th dimension at your human bodies
demise to exist in the spirit realm during the thousand year reign of
Yehushua. Alas these evil immortal reptilian, demons and Anuk (and the
Draconian) fallen angels and angel/human hybrids will eventually all be put
to death, cast into the lake of fire at thee end of the thousand year reign

Presently Luci is changing thee atmosphere of the earth so that the Annuk
can walk among us. When Luci steps foot here, the earth and solar system
which has a consciousness will rebel - with bad weather etc and eventually
the pole shift as the planet Rahab once again passes.
As mentioned Lucifer is changing thee atmosphere with chem-trails
back to how it was in Noah's day as Draconian cannot tolerate a lot of sun.
( the planet was always cloudy in Noah's day. Noah never saw sun or rain or
rainbows, in Genesis a fog used to come up and water the plants until the
passing of Rahab altered the weather and produced the high tide of the
flood and rain)

He, Lucifer, has also used gasoline powered vehicles as a water catchment
system (that is what streets are for) for his underground bases as his
forces will live in them during the chip enforce to feast on humans. The
burning of fossil fuels suppresses orgone, and the ether in gasoline
"separates a human from his/her sacred identity" his quote and this is to
facilitate mind control. (ether is an anesthetic) MIND CONTROL is
everything to the Dracs now. The streets also starve the water table near
dwelling and this is done so peeps cannot grow food effectively so they
rely instead on gov
The ether from the gasoline propagates electro magnetic waves the Dracs
and co. use to travel, grounding, portals manipulation and etc.this is why
we still use crude fossil fuels and forfeit wireless technology.
We use crude electric wires because they, thee aliens travel through
them, and the toxic electric smog is an atmosphere they require.

Watch the video ORGONE YAHUA'S ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA to learn how you
can MAKE and use the weapon prophesied in revelation as a white horse with
a bow and no arrows to BURN, repel and even kill thee aliens here walking
among us. David used 3 stones - in our day we have very advanced technology
like chem-trails and mind control towers hitting humans BELOW the belt -
thus affording the creator the legal right to chastise Lucifer's New World
Order forces with a weapon called ORGONE and they are definitely NOT humans

[FACT: The solar system was heaven once - angels lived on our planets
prior to man. Lucifer then rose to power on a planet called RAHAB and
invented MONEY and POLITICS on that planet. Psalms 89 10 explains how
"Planet X" got cast out "Thou has broken Rahab in pieces - you scattered
the sea of the great dragon" (The sea were angelic peoples who were
scattered into the abyss of space, constellations such as Orion are fake -
they are angelic planet sized star ships not stars)

This is why humans who enter those underground bases don't have videos
showing thee extent of them - humans entering those bases become food for
thee aliens. "on your belly/APPETITE you will go, on dust/HUMANS you WILL
EAT said the creator to a Draconian named Lucifer in Genesis. When humans
feel creeped out in entering deep underground caverns it is for good reason
that is the Lords quiet voice speaking to them NO TRESPASSING.

The bible warns do not sympathize with the wicked one. Thee above comment
was not here to create a movement. Most will quietly embrace evil. Lucifer
is about to become king in today's society as prophesied by the creator and
bad will become good, good will become bad to these people. As one last
warning to those few with eyes to see and ears to hear and listen, remember
that these persons lie and they do it very well. Any means is employed to
enlist sympathizers to side with them. Do not be impressed with the shape
of thee eyeball as Eve was. Lucifer, a Draconian angel who is evil
personified and knows he is evil personified and lives and loves to both
kill and especially to torture to death, pound Eves face with his fists
after having mated with her in the garden to produce the division in the
DNA seed with the birth of the first reptilian Cain. He and his thug
generals used to appear to Adam and Eve when they were living in a cave
outside the garden and used to beat them and stab them with knives. That is
what happened to them when they sympathized with Lucifer. Eve, the woman,
was thoroughly deceived - the man was not deceived but also he ate. Point
is Luci was able to trounce even god - and he did it with his magnetic
charm. Those who have met him (from thee outside looking in) of late have
described him in one word - charming. Thee Annunaki are not going to need
to employ charm during the reign of Lucifer and the 666 chip when the
creator will have closed the door to thee ark of His protection and thee
Annunaki walk blatantly up and down the streets of thee earth - watch THE
CREATOR SPEAKS FOR 2013 on criticalelixir channel u tube. People who got
the mark of the beast will be cutting their limbs off with a dull pocket
knife to escape when the realization of what that chip is actually going to
be about is suddenly driven home - cutting of limbs will then have no
effect at all - 
Ramsey2314 (1 месяц назад)
Lol, wow. What a ridiculous load of shit. "Jack Sparrow is
playing....Johnny Depp!" Haha, so stupid. The whole video is a HUGE
stretch of the imagination. 
Cynthia Avishegnath (5 мес. назад)
I am annoyed and amused when foreigners pick up on the paranoia vibes of
some Americans and then start making videos to milk the google ads out of
those vibes.
Ben No (1 месяц назад)
SCUM!! reposted from +sausageman, spread the word and fight the
swashbuckling power
ByTruthImFree (1 месяц назад)
The over reverberating base on this video makes the video unwatchable. Why
would you fuck up your videos with this shit. It adds nothing.
John the Mark (6 мес. назад)
Wow Johnny depp is a great liar and WOW! I wonder how loud he will SREAM
for SATAN in HELL?