MK Ultra: Mind Control pt. 2/2 -Switching Triggers

MK Ultra: Mind Control pt. 2/2 -Switching Triggers

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Mind control is real. You can do the research yourself and find much information on this subject. It's not just the actors, but also unknown people. Just look it up, it's simple!

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Cham77gemBR (1 год назад)
I agree with you. I admit that I responded to some of these negative posts
not out of anger, but frustration. I like to be positive and stay positive
but sometimes I slip and need to get myself in check. Thanks for helping me
with that, much appreciated. Thanks again, for watching and posting...
Shlomo Shekelstein (7 мес. назад)
TheMegadethMonk (4 мес. назад)
Almost everything on here is correct (except the Johnny Depp crap) yet I
find it ironic that the uploader is a Muslim, and has yet to figure out
that it Islam is the largest an most prolific brain-washing, death-cult in
history. The children (girls) are raped whenever and at whatever age and
are told they are owned, while the boys are brainwashed into believing the
only way for him and his immediate family to gain entrance to 'paradise',
and thus out of Hell, is through a ritualistic-battle-suicide called Jihad.
The children are also made to memorize every line of the Quran, and take
orders from what ever Mullah is in charge of the Caliphate. They must
ritualistically pray towards a certain city five times a day while
listening to the same message for their entire lives. There are certain
times of the year where they are not allowed food or drink during the
daylight hours. If they chose or refuse to leave this cult, they are
murdered. If that doesn't sound like brainwashing, then nothing does.
ProjectP (1 год назад)
I would say exactly what Depp said "He's up there" Meaning i have to look
at myself and it would feel awkward. I would end up judging myself too

I am sure MK is real and that there is secret societies etc but this is a
Kevin Siebert (6 дн. назад)
to be victim of hollywood and it's crimes is like a prison..they can not
walk and talk free and they lose themselfs often while they're doing their
mission's for the mind control industry ..peace love and happiness and
doing unto others like you want to be treated is the answer of getting out
from it..have faith and fight yourself free..only what is good is good and
what is really good can't be wrong..just in the sight of brainwashed people
it could be wrong
June Viarruel (16 дн. назад)
Just because we don't like the messenger's faith, which I don't, but he
seems spot on. Ty dude for the video. 
Mady madilin (2 мес. назад)
I had to comments, it was creepy that there was 666 comments .... I'm 667
KingPin Strout (20 дн. назад)
and they ask you. do you want to be famous.. anyone with half the brains
and morals. wont accept that offer if the only knew what they had to
endure. this is a sick world we live in now. i read about all this cia mk
ultra mind control stuff a few years back.s
Moirhann (2 мес. назад)
so sad to watch anna nicole.. horrible :( 
Sergio lopez (1 месяц назад)
Personally I love the mind control who needs to think for themselves
Yusef Endure (5 мес. назад)
Where are the facts to back any of this up? MK ULTRA was real, and the
techniques used back then including sleep deprivation, programming with the
use of triggers, forced drug use and torture techniques designed to induce
one to have zero value in their own lives are still being used today. The
CIA is in the rare position of having to defend (and identify scapegoats)
torture tactics used in the "war on terror," but EVERYBODY has known about
this for decades, therefore the systemic nature of oppression should
receive as much attention as the tactics used unsuccessfully to gain
information. My point is that you can't just role the tape with bullshit
conjecture that's ambiguous at best with nothing provided as backup. It
makes the entire issue look like "conspiracy theory" nonsense when in fact
it's deadly serious.
Grey Wolfe (1 месяц назад)
Yes, for a religion that, for the most part downgrades women and marries 10
year old's off to dirty old men and women who are killed if they don't
bleed on their wedding night the holy what?? You've shown here you must
believe in evil ergo Satan who was casts out of heaven by God who's Son
died on the cross...not judging at all but it's a bit hypocritical if you
ask me.
Stephen Yount (5 дн. назад)
Mind control? You have to have a mind first in order for someone to control
it , moron.
Capricorno Uno (5 мес. назад)
Mind Control without doubt exists. BUT!!! This video is SOOO STUPID! I
think that poorly informed people shouldn't try to act like real
researchers... for example the site death and hell it's a fuckin joke, not
really serious... SO try to do REAL research before publish something...
Justice Angel (2 мес. назад)
Really? I saw the video stop exagerating. Britney is human and a good
person. She does her that's it.
Countsmyth (1 месяц назад)
What the fuck has Johnny Depp got to do with MK ultra? Time to find a new
Michael88863 (3 мес. назад)
heard of recreational drugs?
Some Human (3 мес. назад)
Whats with you people and intentionally adding creepy music to the
background? Just let the material you post speak for itself.
Marcos Toni (1 месяц назад)
If all this psychological dynamics is indeed true and is applied with these
purposes, there is no place in hell for these people unscrupulous and
dangerous, and we are actually convicted for generations by their lack of
empathyf. Are whorse than the devil.