The LEGO Movie (2014) Behind The Bricks [HD]

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The LEGO Movie (2014) In Cinemas April 3
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An ordinary LEGO minifigure, mistakenly thought to be the extraordinary MasterBuilder, is recruited to join a quest to stop an evil LEGO tyrant from gluing the universe together. Directed by Phil Lord, Chris Miller, Chris McKay. With Morgan Freeman, Elizabeth Banks, Will Arnett and Chris Pratt.
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Комментарии (299)

Conqueror & Commander (6 мес. назад)
Is it sad that I might be more excited about this movie than my kids?
Serban Constantin (6 мес. назад)
I honestly can't wait for this movie.
Andrewkful (6 мес. назад)
...even a second time, this is hilarious. I think it's the unpolished
animation with the oddly-proportioned minifigs. :D
Aloys Baillet (6 мес. назад)
4 minutes of +The LEGO Movie hilarious goodness!
Albert Heister (5 мес. назад)
"When you're scrapping the bottom of barrel, you find yourself with a Will
Chris Westergaard (5 мес. назад)
Am I the only one who noticed the guy getting mugged by chickens at 0:57
Beyond the Brick (6 мес. назад)
Kab hes (5 мес. назад)
3:49 you can see badmans face
DreAndreas (5 мес. назад)
I swear to God, If this ends up being like Adventures Of Clutch Powers
(which was really bad, by the way.) I will jump out of a window that's on
the 99th floor of a hotel.
Alex McGillvrey (6 мес. назад)
Is this movie really part stop motion and part CGI? Because I have no clue
how to tell which is which.
N00bplayer (6 мес. назад)
Anyone else keep pausing the movie to see all the stuff going on in the
background? Ie: 1:06 Metalbeard's crew is made up of a magician, The Flash,
white 1980-something spaceman, discoman, pirate wench, first mate, witch,
mime and medusa.
Also, Blue 1980-something spaceman = lego Space-Core: SPACE! SPACE! SPACE!
Mariolol5555 (6 мес. назад)
I think tara strong is gonna voice the cat unicorn thing.
ps. Im not a brony
Oldnavy537 (6 мес. назад)
MegatronPrime321 (5 мес. назад)
1:12 "I hate this place." Well, given how Batman has to put up with clowns
and crocodiles every day, I'm not surprised. XD 
Ben Norwood (5 мес. назад)
Is it sad that every teaser and trailer they release makes me want to see
this film even more?

Then again, I was a particular fan of the 1980s space sets, and at one
point in time owned several "1980s-something space guy"...
BioRockDude (6 мес. назад)
MaxGoesFourth (6 мес. назад)
Oh goodness, the Batman and Robin joke.
TFanPage101 (5 мес. назад)
If you were to choose between Morgan Freeman and Ben Affleck to even voice
act Batman who would you (Everyone screams "Morgan Freeman")
TJ Anderson (6 мес. назад)
This is going to be epic!
BlueBrickNick (6 мес. назад)
Special behind the scenes for The LEGO Movie.