Nissan GT-R vs BMW M3 street Race from a dead stop

Nissan GT-R vs BMW M3 street Race from a dead stop

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BMW M3 Vs Nissan GT-R. Both these cars shared similar sticker prices back in 2010. Which one would you prefer?

A race from a dead stop featuring a 2010 BMW M3 six speed with a catback exhaust and tune vs a 2010 Nissan GT-R a Midpipe and no tune using launch control.

The M3 was to the floor the whole time. You can tell by listening to the engine. YES the GT-R is THAT much faster than the BMW.

This race took place on private property on a private closed course.

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TotheFloorVideos (1 год назад)
Reign1222 (1 год назад)
yeah 15000 more and it shows...the m3 got slaughtered 
Kevin conti (1 год назад)
also the gtr cost like 15000 more than the m3 that year and for 15000 you
could give the m3 a supercharger and make it a really good race.also the
new gtr is over priced its now a 100k starting whale the m3 is 60
HotLapVideos (1 год назад)
do your viewers not understand the concept of forced induction?