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I Wayne - Senseless Killing - Freedom Riddim - Dreaded Sounds

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Dreaded Sounds Presents The " Freedom Riddim " Featuring, I Wayne - Senseless Killing.

Produced By: Dreaded Sounds

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JamDown122 Entertainment (1 год назад)
#NEW_MUSIC:I Wayne - Senseless Killing - Freedom Riddim - February 2014 |
@realiwayne @dreadedsounds
Blackwellhung (10 мес. назад)
murrdereer !!! stop senseless killing
RasTekel Tafari (1 год назад)
true phophet
Fiya flowers (1 год назад)
yo dis trune yah maddd i wayne (di bwai maxwell cant read nah write do
english nah maths well him say him knw fi operate di askell and make bwai
sprint like bolt who do tracks well, him say him wah fi rich like christ
black welt so him a go shell down di place with some fat shell and left
flesh decompose and people asking wats dat smell and say him par with di
devil and him lack health) mad lyrics.....