The Eldon Bowl - A - Matic lives!

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Fast minecraft two-way piston elevator / escalator - moves items, players, mobs
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The Eldon Bowl - A - Matic lives!
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I found this at an estate sale for $20, broken (the pin setter would not raise at all). The fix required more than a few popsicle sticks, a healthy amount of superglue, and a lot of slow, patient carving with a Dremel. In the end, I got the custom built wooden arms (and accordingly glued custom built wooden cam follower) to attach to the original apparatus without any glue, screws, or other affixations - the carved receivers in the wooden arms simply mesh (almost) perfectly with the existing mechanism.

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Zeddicus Zorander (11 мес. назад)
i am trying to find detailed parts list for this game so i can try to make
a upscaled version of it. Eldon Industries - Hawthorne, California Early
1950's ( as UNGAR) on into the late1970's Leading manufacturer of plastic
"Selectronic" brand slot car sets. Also famous for "Skee-Ball" and
"Bowl-A-Matic" games. Products also inclded a wide variety of very
inventive plastic toy cars. trucks and boats. They were aquired by Cox
Industries in 1979. then aquired by a few other companies so i lost track
now. i wanted to see if i could get a break out picture of the game showing
all the parts but don't look like i can find them. that is why i would love
to find a broken one i could tear aprt to study. anyone know where i could
get any parts detailed pictures or diagrams? i can not afford to buy the
game at the high prices it goes for now as i am disabled and on a low
disability income. beyond my reach. just would have liked to try and make
one twice its size. i have bowling pins and balls twice the size of what
the game has. just thought it would be fun to try and make a bigger
version. anyone got info that could help let me know.
The1337Captain (4 г. назад)
@djm50able The pinsetter/lifter and sweeper are manually activated after
each "throw" by manually turning the crank on the side of lane (next to the
bowler). There is a bell that rings, indicating when you should stop
turning the crank. I guess if you wanted to get fancy (and destroy any
potential collectible value), you could rig a sensor across the lane in
front of the first pin that waited a few seconds and then activated a motor
that you connected to the crank ;-)
AustraliaYouBeauty (4 г. назад)
Hahaha I love it. Never seen this one before. I miss bowling. *sob*
Jigglar (3 г. назад)
Man, is that neat! :)
RiotNrrrdUTube (4 г. назад)
$20? I paid $515 for one about 10 or more years ago! Unfortunately the
crank mechanism has frozen and I don't know how to fix it :(
TheAcslator (3 г. назад)
i want one
Cmmwiz (3 г. назад)
My friend Mark Sullivan got one for xmas and boy, was I jealous. Wanted one
of these real bad. Don't know why my parents got me the golf-a matic
instead. Anybody remember that one? Just had to get another Skittlebowl
game which is more fun.
Billp4 (1 год назад)
And my worm gear thing broke so I had to turn the ball return wheel to make
it work. It really ruined my Christmas that year.
Kaelan Roos (3 г. назад)
awesome whare did you buy it?????
Jcmilam1 (2 г. назад)
I seem to have the same problem on one I just aquired. Would you be able to
please explain how you "unfroze" the white wheel? When the crank is turned
the worm drive turns but the white toothed wheel stays put. Thank you!
KeossPlays (2 г. назад)
cool toy you got there i will try to get one p.s. if i can find one LOL
Bowlchamp411 (4 г. назад)
ok thanks
Skyguy1956 (4 г. назад)
I bought one on ebay10 years ago...plays like a charm...and has been in
storage ever since! Even have the box it came in. I was 10 when my father
bought it for was and still is the best toy I ever got for
Wonderlandfreak101 (4 г. назад)
oh so u cant control weither the sweep goes down or all? yeesh thats a
bummer... would be cool if you could tho!
Dan Giordano (4 г. назад)
I had one of those! I once bowled a 300 game.... no wait, I'm lying