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Might and Magic X Legacy - Playthrough - Part 2

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Continuing our Might and Magic adventure where we left off yesterday, outside the gates of Sorpigal-by-the-Sea. We'll do some leveling and hopefully get strong enough to beat the lighthouse Nagas.

Link to part 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sq4CPNIlcxM
Link to part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l_gAYuywbRc


Part 2 - Freshly back from town, well rested and eager for more adventure, we do a bit of exploring and manage to find a Mysterious Crypt (21:06) where after a bit of struggling we (accidentally) solve the puzzle and get to loot a hidden treasure chest. With our high treasure-scoring morale we now feel confident we're ready to take on the Nagas and clear the lighthouse. We venture forward, fighting through the ranks of the dreaded Cult of the Wrecker, we rescue the captive naga bounty hunter Hamato (51:40) who informs us that he basically got his serpent-ish ass kicked, and we brave the lighthouse boss Mamushi (1:08:17) after a tough fight (quest: Darkness in the Lighthouse done) and turn on the light. After leaving the lighthouse we visit Sorpigal yet again to unload our gear, get some rest and debrief with Maximus. Impressed with our accomplishment, Maximus sends us to meet the governor of the Agyn Peninsula at Castle Portmeyron (quest: The Rocky Road to Portmeyron).

Before leaving for Portmeyron we make sure to stock up on more potions and train our skills and spells, and we pick up our first companion Kengi the goblin chef, from the town's tavern. His cooking is so good, our party's morale is raised every time we rest and we get nice bonuses to help us fight off the baddies.

Before we reach castle Portmeyron we do a quick detour (1:40:10) to pay our respects at the Shrine of Fallen Heroes (quest: Followers for Fallen Heroes) and lay the flowers given to us by Orlene in Sorpigal.

Upon reaching castle Portmeyron (1:44:15) we find ourselves in the middle of a bandit raiding party who has just attacked the castle and killed everyone inside, looking for the governor Jon Morgan. After many tough fights, we manage to clear out the bandits and defeat castle Portmeyron's boss Iven (2:42:14). We get to loot the castle's treasure chest (probably Morgan didn't mind us having it after saving his royal neck) and then finally meet Jon Morgan who is grateful he saved him and his young daughter. During our conversation with Morgan, Lev the Griffin Scout arrives and informs us that hostile elves have apparently taken over the Elemental Forge, a large Shantiry ruin located at the very center of the peninsula. Jon urgently dispatches us to investigate the issue. We are now to ride Lev's griffins towards the Elemental Forge and face our next adventure...

To be continued in part 3...

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