Ultimate Warrior Exposes Hulk Hogan: Caused Macho Man x Wife To Break Up + More smotretrusskoe.ru

Ultimate Warrior Exposes Hulk Hogan: Caused Macho Man x Wife To Break Up + More

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Комментарии (1130)

Hogan shouldn't be the one putting Randy in the hall of fame 
Yerizzo (7 мес. назад)
Macho Man probably built that fence to keep Hogan out lol
Eric Bee (7 дн. назад)
you got 6 tv dinners so dont go out, ohhh yeah!

LOL Hogan is hilarious 
Anthony Haller (3 дн. назад)
@anthony smith They might be dead but at least they aren't coke heads.
Tony Spike (16 дн. назад)
+ Anthony Smith HA HA HA HA HA sorry sweetheart but blocking me from your
comments shows you have less balls than a two dollar hooker ya soft cunt

You can have the last word if it makes you sleep better your obviously not
big enough to handle me xxxxx
Ozzy lorenzana (2 мес. назад)
conspiracy..the two guys that hated hogan the most ..just die..hmmm...
Solo Gals (6 дн. назад)
Vince mcassholes final insult to the warrior was letting Ho Kogan introduce
him to the hall of fame. FUCK OFF AND DIE VINCE YOUR TIME IS UP.
Robyn Whyard (25 дн. назад)
Warrior is opinionated and it came across as "hes an asshole" he wasnt
really. he just had an opinion on everything and he wasnt afraid to say if
he didnt like you.
AmericanMade (4 мес. назад)
Damn, he's bitter. And he died with all this hatred and bitterness in him.
Too bad he still could not find happiness.
Not saying any of it is not true, just.... let it go man.
Olofpalme63 (2 мес. назад)
...well, one thing is certain;...Honky Tonk Man didn't hit him hard enough
with his guitar.
Billy Rouse (2 мес. назад)
They may not have been the best people, but Warrior is too. Half this crap
is lies and good editing!
Renee Anderson (1 месяц назад)
people kiss hogan's ass to much. saying that he's bitter please!
Mykel1990 (1 месяц назад)
Not a fan of either Hogan or Warrior, I think they're both self-serving,
egomaniacs, however, I did this video, right or wrong, to be hilarious and
TakeAShowerStinky (3 мес. назад)
It was disgusting when Hogan sniveled to McMahon and wanted Elizabeth to be
his manager too. Hogan should have gotten his own manager and left
Elizabeth alone. 
Logan wyss (2 мес. назад)
Wheres hulkamania 
BAHB420 (4 мес. назад)
If you admire anyone in the entertainment industry you are a dumb
Paulie A. Fantone (1 месяц назад)
What the hell is he taking about?!?!(he rambles on like a idiot!)i think it
would of benefited Warrior greatly if he saw a psychiatrist at some point
in his life before he sadly passed away(not saying i'm perfect & have all
the answers)
But how doe's he know all of this"dirty laundry?"(Hogan use's drags--Hogan
sleeps with one of brooke's friends?--Hogan & Savage didn't make some sort
of amends?)All i can say is wow...what a jealous jackass 
Tim green (13 дн. назад)
You were always my favorite growing up.