Ultimate Warrior Exposes Hulk Hogan: Caused Macho Man x Wife To Break Up + More smotretrusskoe.ru

Ultimate Warrior Exposes Hulk Hogan: Caused Macho Man x Wife To Break Up + More

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Skcit420 (7 ч. назад)
Fuck everybody disrespecting the dead. The WWE trashed Jim for years. They
even made a DVD back in 05' trying to tarnish his legacy. Randy couldn't
stand Hogan. It's funny how when people dis-credit Jim with bullshit, they
say it's all true, but when the Warrior hits back with facts, they say he
was bitter & insane. How was he the bitter one when the WWE started this
whole thing having everyone trash the greatest gimmick & man behind it in
history? I'm glad they squashed they're beef before Warrior passed, but it
doesn't change the fact that every word in this video relating to Randy Liz
& Savage is true. RIP Savage, RIP Warrior. Two of the GOAT's.
Will Marini (3 мес. назад)
Theres always 5 sides to every story.saying Hogan told Machos wife she
needs to leave the house and get out so often only paints a picture of
Macho holding her captive?lol .knowing what ive seen,much rather live
Hogans shoes than this stiff over the top hall monitor...he was better than
Hogan as a wrestler though.
Anthony smith (10 дн. назад)
Ha! Hogan had the last laugh! Both pieces of shit Macho and Warrior are
DEAD for talking shit lol
Tetra Canabinol (6 мес. назад)
just because e died they mad him such a great legend and stuff. but he was
really an awfull person that didnt diserve the hall of fame. And you can
argue that
Ozzy lorenzana (12 дн. назад)
conspiracy..the two guys that hated hogan the most ..just die..hmmm...
Olofpalme63 (21 дн. назад)
...well, one thing is certain;...Honky Tonk Man didn't hit him hard enough
with his guitar.
Dale Storm (15 дн. назад)
very bitter indeed. Seems like he had a lot of hatred inside! So Hogan
fucked other women and was a bad example to his kids. So what! it doesn't
mean you have to like or respect him but dont take the moral high ground.
He's human and your no Saint either I'm sure a few people could dig up some
dirt about The Ultimate warrior.
Caroline Chiasson (5 мес. назад)
I think it's pretty cool that he came out and talked some truth for us
people who just read headlines and don't know shit from shit.. I like
hearing it from an actual serious wrestler, who was there for years' mouth.
TakeAShowerStinky (1 месяц назад)
It was disgusting when Hogan sniveled to McMahon and wanted Elizabeth to be
his manager too. Hogan should have gotten his own manager and left
Elizabeth alone. 
Billy Rouse (8 дн. назад)
They may not have been the best people, but Warrior is too. Half this crap
is lies and good editing!
ShaneKarma376 (5 мес. назад)
This rat fuck died like the rat he was. Jealous, miserable fuck.
Optimus Frog (11 дн. назад)
hogan hired a hitman to kill ultimate warrior
BADLANDSx (2 дн. назад)
i woulda did Hogans wife!
Jimmy David (3 мес. назад)
This guy has some nerve. He's against drug use, well, not only is that a
private matter and each person can do whatever she wants (i don't know why
he always reffers to someone who did any kind of drug use as necessarily a
bad person!!??!!) but is he forgetting his own steroid abuse back in the
day?? I guess it only counts when its about others. And why does he bitch
about his fellow wrestlers so much? He seems to be full of anger inside.
Renee randall (1 месяц назад)
Even as a kid hogan was annoying. Hogan is and was jealous of savage
AmericanMade (2 мес. назад)
Damn, he's bitter. And he died with all this hatred and bitterness in him.
Too bad he still could not find happiness.
Not saying any of it is not true, just.... let it go man.
Darth Zakary (1 месяц назад)
The name Hollywood Hogan says it all.... I have little doubt... well infact
it is common knowledge that Hogan very much is an unapologetic hedonist....
drugs..infadelity.. the list goes on.
It doesn't mean he's as nasty as what Warrior makes him out to be... he
seems like a pleasant character besides the obvious traits. However, his
personality traits and behaviour obviously lead people to believe at times
he's an 'all round good guy'..... which is not totally true.... Hulk is a
great entertainer and wrestler... maybe he wants to be as good as his image
deep down I don't know...... in the end.... he's only human....
Dragongeraldb (15 дн. назад)
WOW,from the grave a man with no agenda hits the fame at all costs button
on all that is and i see this as a warning to myself and others that you
reap what you sew 
Jandtsmom (9 дн. назад)
I don't know what to think after seeing this.....
Logan wyss (1 месяц назад)
Wheres hulkamania