Chum Lee from 'Pawn Stars' -- Got IMPLANTS For Girlfriend's Birthday

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Chum Lee from "Pawn Stars" got his girlfriend a super expensive present for her birthday -- breast implants! Does that mean they were gift wrapped?

Комментарии (549)

Evelyn S. (1 месяц назад)
I say get the girl what she wants for her birthday or special occasion.
Don't go and suggest a boobjob yourself.
SuperKissFan1 (2 мес. назад)
Smart bitch take his money and leave.. Goes to show you can be an ugly guy
and still have a f--k friend..
Shaun griffin (4 мес. назад)
I can tell you one thing if he wasn't making that kind of money that woman
wouldn't give that retard the time of day. I hate the entire cast of Pawn
Stars and the show itself suck big hairy nuts. The one I can't really stand
is the old man he always being a complete douche and when he talks it
sounds like he has food in his mouth.
Gone fishin (8 ч. назад)
Now her boobs are almost as big as Chums.
6672rock (3 мес. назад)
Only in America can a worthless tub of shit like Chumlee fall ass-backwards
into fame and fortune by being a liability and a dipshit on TV. Meanwhile,
people with actual talent and a strong work ethic are scraping to get by.
If I were in Rick Harrison's shoes, I would've kicked Chum's clumsy fat ass
to the curb ages ago. A turd floating in a toilet bowl is more intelligent
and responsible than he is. 
ThatGirlNancyLovesCoffeeAndGuineaPigs (2 мес. назад)
I as a woman at one point DID want them BUT then somehow I filled out a lil
later in life and now I'm happy. As for the question, Yea or Nay......If I
asked for Them, then HELL YA but if a Girl DOESN'T ask for
Aj Miranda (3 мес. назад)
Fake boobs are fucking disgusting
Bulaia (10 дн. назад)
I would never buy a GF a boob job. I've heard to many stories of right
after that happens, she runs off with another guy.
Rockin' Robby (3 мес. назад)
How come all the fat, dumpy guys get all the hottest chicks? Homer
Simpson, Peter Griffin, Doug Heffernan, Ralph Kramden, et al.
Dakippins (11 дн. назад)
Jeeeze, She must have a strong stomach..

Letting a big, stupid, ugly loser climb up on her for the price a new pair
o tits. 
Drew Grow (3 мес. назад)
Gold digger alert
Poor Chumlee he is getting played
Alex kokkonis (16 дн. назад)
you are just desperate bout your life and the only think you are good at is
criticizing people that did something more than what you can imagine. For
fuck's sake why is this channel still going 
MrJacko23456 (16 дн. назад)
(this is my first time seeing tmz) this is like robbarazzi from victorious
Jon Emberson (18 дн. назад)
I don't know who to blame first? History Channel or that disgusting, fat
body, moron making kids think its ok to be stupid in life... Way to go
loser!!! No matter how much money he has, he's still a loser. He acts and
looks like a character from the movie Idiocracy...
Tom lester (3 мес. назад)
Is she on Jersey Shore??
Geekaboo14 (19 дн. назад)
Girls think all guys want I tits and ass no that's not true you want her to
be hot. And some girls think its about personality not looks but that is
what ugly girls say 
Stan Louis (22 дн. назад)
What's with fake boobs anyway... they look fake, don't feel real. They
always look like shit
Smbrob (4 мес. назад)
I can't understand that a woman with a "normal" breast size would mess up
her body with implants.
I rather have a woman with small breast than fake.
Rangerhawk (25 дн. назад)
Chumlee does not need a boob job. His manboobs are huge.
P65ls (1 месяц назад)
hey dumb lee chum lee do you know what " chum " is ?? it's the skin that is
removed from a baby boy's penis!! aka foreskin... and you let them call
you chum lee?!?!?! rofl