Ali, 18 year old sufferer of Anorexia Nervosa

Ali, 18 year old sufferer of Anorexia Nervosa

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Short film for channel five in the UK about Ali, an 18 year old Swansea girl who has been suffering from Anorexia Nervosa for 3 year.

You can follow Ali and hear more of her story on five news in October and November.

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Sherry Plix (7 г. назад)
you're soooo beautiful. one of the most beautiful women i've seen. and i
tell u that with all honesty. don't let anorexia take over you again
Ratstograts (7 г. назад)
You are a lovely girl. I know how enchanting skinny is. You look perfect in
this video. People who don't know ED don't know how to respond to those of
us who do. Your plan to look at the pictures is a good one. When I see pics
of me at my thinnest, I am not happy with what I see. You will have a good
effect on others with ED. Keep talking and sharing your story, you will
make a life-saving difference! Give your mum a kiss and stay honest. All
the best!
Heidi Lindsay (2 г. назад)
Ali you are absolutely stunning. It is nice to hear that you are getting
back on the road to recovery. I wish you all the best in the future. Lovely
to hear a success story and that you were able to battle against this
disease. Thanks for sharing. xx
Spesh Loopster (4 г. назад)
Really? No, you appear good looking. I live in Swansea too. You have no
issues :-)
Musiic4life (4 г. назад)
@DrinkFromMyThickDick All in all, short chubby dicks dont get too far in
life, man. No chick wants to “drink” from a dick, nevermind a disgusting
chode. We can change fat, you cant change your ugly dick (:
Roxygirlzoey (7 г. назад)
rawwr your face is perfect!!! your so pretty xxxxx
Katietherunner (7 г. назад)
She is so beautiful I hope she is better now.