G. Ph. Telemann: TWV 52:e1 / Concerto for recorder, flute, strings & b.c. in E minor / Pro Musica smotretrusskoe.ru

G. Ph. Telemann: TWV 52:e1 / Concerto for recorder, flute, strings & b.c. in E minor / Pro Musica

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Concerto for recorder, flute, strings and basso continuo in E minor (TWV 52:e1)

date: 1712-1721 c.

I. Largo - 0:05
II. Allegro - 3:30
III. Largo - 7:12
IV. Presto - 10:10

Stefano Bagliano (recorder)
Adriano Meggetto (traversiere)
Alberto Martini (violin I)
Federico Guglielmo (violin II)
Mauro Righini (viola)
Alberto Pisani (violoncello)
Federico Bagnasco (violone)
Gianluca Capuano (harpsichord)

Collegium Pro Musica / Stefano Bagliano (conductor)

Paragon AM 190-2 DP - DDD

[on authentic instruments]

Комментарии (22)

Jacqueline Maria (9 дн. назад)
G. Ph. Telemann: TWV 52:e1 / Concerto for recorder, flute, strings &
b.c...: https://youtu.be/fXiU_pry_dc
PifferaioDiHamelin (5 мес. назад)
Lukas Bürgi (10 мес. назад)
I like it. And I don't mean the actual Concerto, I already knew I was going
to like that, I mean the way it's played here.
Das Ewig Weibliche zieht uns hinan (11 мес. назад)
Si el arte es el medio a través del cual el hombre puede alcanzar a rozar
con su espíritu, si existe, un horizonte sublime y metafísico... está claro
que éste es uno de los ejemplos más excelsos y hermosos de ello en toda la
historia de la expresión sonora.
Francisco Morales (1 год назад)
Hermoso, perfectamente hermoso. Gracias.
Carmelo Bonifacio Malandrino (1 год назад)
Oh,lieto annunzio di cieli di fiori - a grazia di vivere felici - sulla
terra non più come tu dici - in pianto,- ma in letizia di colori - di suoni
a luce della vita in festa - dell'uomo oramai uscito da foresta.
Victor Hugo (1 год назад)
Musica celestial
Andrea Zuvich (2 г. назад)
I love it!
ChizzelWizzel (1 год назад)
So nice and intensive...I dont wonder why Teleman was at his time much more
famous than for example Bach was.
Phebus74 (4 г. назад)
Bellissimo questo concerto.Grazie per allietarci con questa musica superba.
Shadowjuan2 (2 г. назад)
Wow very nice! this is some nice music.
Sybrand Bakker (1 год назад)
Quoting the late organist/church musician/composer Willem Vogel (1920-2010)
'Telemann Lecker Mann'
Roxygaltanya (2 г. назад)
amazinq how so many years later and im playing this on the flute! xP
Yugan Dali (4 г. назад)
Happy 330th birthday to the great composer!
Jean Cassignol (3 г. назад)
Richard Palermo (1 год назад)
NBOC777 (3 г. назад)
There is sitting an expression in the piece which makes Telemann such a
good composer. Every instrument has its own expression from out life
itself. So sad that I don't hear that coming out. Specially in the trio and
qquadro sonates of him.
Roro Salazar Belmar (2 г. назад)
espectaculares flautas!!!
Moisés Ánton Bittner (2 г. назад)
Wonderful interpretation! Recorder and Traverso such a good combination!
It's a pity that so little music was composed for these instruments
Stefano Bagliano (1 год назад)
Gracias! Pienso que yo estoy tocando :-) Ciao Stefano