‪DARRYL Vs MJ Performs "Tuwing Umuulan At Kapiling Ka" Battle Rounds - The Voice Philippines smotretrusskoe.ru

‪DARRYL Vs MJ Performs "Tuwing Umuulan At Kapiling Ka" Battle Rounds - The Voice Philippines

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Darryl Shy Vs Mel John Podolig performers of Team Lea are they perform the song "Tuwing Umuulan at Kapilng Ka" on The Voice Philippines Battle Rounds August 10, 2013. MJ Vs Darryl Battle Rounds are chosen by Coach Lea to compete the 4th set of The Voice Philippines - The Battles. Darryl Shy won over MJ Podolig on The Voice Philippines Battle Rounds performance.

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The Voice Philippines is now on its Battle Rounds stage this is the part were the two performers of the same team will compete by singing same song simultaneously.

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Комментарии (48)

Pinoy SariSari TV (1 год назад)
Wendilou lirazan (10 мес. назад)
hindi maganda tingin ni leah kay darryl aah...
Lovella mae bernabe sakaki (9 мес. назад)
galing2 mo darryl shy natural na natural ang boses!
Ruth Myrthle Ba-awa (1 год назад)
mj focused on winning, darryl just enjoyed the song and very willing to
give way to mj.. darryl is so humble.. ;p
Carwilito Mending (1 год назад)
I Love You na Darryl Shy, , , , sayang lang talaga at hindi kayo ni Mitoy
ang nag match sa Finale. . . 
Magdiwang1800 dpogi (1 год назад)
Astig ..daryl lupet
NeLsoN leaNo (1 год назад)
.woo best battle..tsaka ung maki n hans,,
Nimesh Gandhi (1 год назад)
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Jun Pyo (1 год назад)
yeah waisted...like binewang ba yan? LOL pa english pa eh,,
Mark Lester Orsal (1 год назад)
Ang galing mo idol n kita darryl shy
Cathleen Joyce Castillo (1 год назад)
Sana iba nalang yung kanta :)
Cesar Uy (1 год назад)
Masyadong boring
Jean Umerez (1 год назад)
gusto ko din c darryl.... simple lng pero may ibubuga...
Maeng Necerio (1 год назад)
...yeah i agree with that has a great voice than his opponen:-)
Malot (1 год назад)
Go Darryl! ♥
Unattainableheart (1 год назад)
I'm not IMPRESSED by your stupid subject-verb disagreement.
Pocholo nerfe (1 год назад)
Bakit napili yung mas silang?
MrChadLee9 (1 год назад)
no comment...hehhehhe
Fujiwara akira (1 год назад)
Ano daw?!?!?! Mag tagalog kanalang kac! wag pilitin!
A.C. Enrickson (1 год назад)
I believe Mj' was very good in this round;in fact more vocally impressive
than Darryl because he's got the advantage.This is Mj's genre based on
their blind audition performances.I also couldn't seem fathom the
over-singing or over-adlibing because this version is far-off from Regine
Velasquez's over-the-top cover of same song.I figure it's really personal
preference as Lea Salonga puts it.And there are things we don't see on TV
during the entire competition that catches the eye of the judges.