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Widow: I love and forgive my husband's attackers

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A widow says she forgives attackers in Libya who gunned down her husband who was on a morning jog in Benghazi.

Комментарии (90)

Livelife8072 (1 год назад)
Wow.. She has a major problem. This is what a brainwashed mind looks like
everyone. All in the name of God!! What bullshit. If anything, she should
realize there is no god, if her husband got murder spreading the good word.
Leaving such a young child behind, so sad. He'd be still alive if he wasn't
over in Libya spreading the good, I mean bad news. 
Erniemink (10 мес. назад)
She NEVER said in any way shape or form that she is glad he is gone. She
misses him very much, and that will be the same every day. BUT she knows
that he died in the line of missions doing what the Lord Jesus Christ
desires for all of us in missions, to show the love, mercy and peace of His
ways and Word, including forgiveness. That is the most amazing love that
few will ever understand, but really should seek after. Having a
relationship with Jesus Christ, God and Savior is NOT a religion, has
nothing to do with Illuminati Matrix or any falsehood. She is not
brainwashed and has more maturity than 99 percent of the world will ever
have. That is because it is an honor to know she has that incredible
undying selfless love, traits her husband had. Forgiveness of all sin is
the key to understanding how God came to forgive all of us and to show us
the way, the truth and the life that no one can enter into that place
except through Him. If we just live it before people, let them see. Don't
act like you are perfect. Be humble, but stand for what is the right thing
to do the best you can.
IGIT Media (1 год назад)
I understand forgiving them but saying you love them just shows how
extraordinary this womans heart is
Brotherlymoses (1 год назад)
I want to smoke what she's smoking 
Jason Shoots (1 год назад)
Here comes a reformation. :)
Waseem Ayoubi (1 год назад)
How can you forgive something like that? seriously people are robots 
Omar a.hafiz (11 мес. назад)
ما كان الله بمعذبهم وانتى فيهم .....
Liberty Doctrine (1 год назад)
forgiveness exists! this is a breathe of fresh air in a cruel world. Jesus
taught forgiveness. many people will not accept love and forgiveness.they
have different secular beliefs. 
Debbie Pena (1 год назад)
Amen. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ. Love one another and forgive!!!!!!!!
Skategenie (1 год назад)
God is good!
Jesperado (1 год назад)
Oh honey, grief & anger are normal stages in your emotions when your
husband fucking dies! Bottling up your feelings & saying Jesus made them
disappear is unhealthy!
Emmett n (1 год назад)
people just don't get it stay away from these type of countries..
Jim M (1 год назад)
In light of what most commenters are saying here, its clear to realize one
universal connection between all of you. That connection is a loathing of
anything good in people by whatever influence. Remember what reason our
country was founded, that reason was escaping religious persecution and
taxation. Read the Bill of Rights and you'll see the very first amendment
is concerning this fact. That is why I support your ability criticize and
ridicule this woman as much as you want. Its interesting though how people
are so quick to ridicule this gal while she is searching for a way to deal
with a great loss. Ridicule is the most positive comment found here, the
others go way deeper into hateful and degrading attacks. Remember this ,
A. Cooper and CNN searched her out and asked her these questions (over and
over obviously until she finally broke down), not the other way around. I
would be interested in knowing how many of you, so freely talkin' shit
here, have suffered a loss even close to hers.
David Amendola (1 год назад)
Our greatest question in our life is, "What is truth?"

Jesus said, "I am the truth, way and the life. No one goes to the Father
except through me."
Randy Gonzalez (1 год назад)
hey there is a God but you have to believe it that's why is call faith!
which means you believe in something you don't see. Now don't say that you
have to see with your eyes to believe. If you say that! then I don't
believe in the air we breath, i don't believe in the breeze I feel
everyday. That's how God is, you don't see it but you feel his presence
around you. read bible everybody because the truth is there and Jesus is
coming, repent from your sins and don't do what you know is bad. 
Dexter Lobo (1 год назад)
You are a scum bag , u only inow how to talk big , brainless? I am more
qualified than you !!!
Jeff MacDonald (1 год назад)
He wanted this :( so sad