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ZTE Z796C Majesty - Straight Talk

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Device specs: http://www.zteusa.com/zte-majesty.html

Additional CPU specs: http://system-on-a-chip.findthedata.org/l/273/Qualcomm-Snapdragon-MSM8625

Комментарии (376)

Miranda Galloway (1 год назад)
Brianna, the screenshot question has been answered probably 3 or 4 times in
comments at this point: Volume down + lock/power button. And yes, you can
save pics. From text, tap the paperclip, then save. From Facebook, view the
pic, then tap your menu key and select save.
T.j. Hall (6 мес. назад)
does this cell phone run of verizon towers?
Glenn K Allen IV (10 дн. назад)
I'm paying $74.99 total in cluding the 45 dollar card at straight talks web
sit is it worth it
Katlyn carter (1 день назад)
Do u still have this phone?
Adrienne Burris (6 мес. назад)
My phone is stuck on the blue screen what can I do
Shaunna bailey (2 мес. назад)
My mom just bought this phone from Ebay for $45.00 except hers is from net
Kim Bench (3 мес. назад)
my zte majesty wont connect to internet. it also turns off all the time.
pleas help I need internet
Bro Gamer (10 дн. назад)
Still a iPhone user
Joey Veregge (3 мес. назад)
Where is the sim card in this phone?
Mark Yocco (5 мес. назад)
Miranda, I attempted to send a message a minute ago and I m not sure if it
went through. Anyway, this morning when I turned my phone on it was not
capable of making a phone call. Last night I got an update for Google Play
and updated and I wonder it that messed it up. I have not have this
problem before and I ve had the phone for about 6 months. Can you HELP?!!!
Don Man (7 мес. назад)
This is my first 4.1 jellybean device also :o
Kaylee Adair (4 мес. назад)
Miranda I have heard alot about this phone that its crappy what are ur
thoughts and can u get Internet anywhere I would like to get a phone like
this that has the light thing that shows up but my main question is how
well it does with the texting the calls and Internet I like texting and
getting on the Internet alot and playing games my mom is afraid that ill
use up the Internet cause I have not wifi at my house but every one around
me has there's is locked and I don't want to be askin for their passwords
hope u understand wat I'm asking 
Ashliegh Roh (7 мес. назад)
I have the same one
Sebastian J. (11 мес. назад)
The Processor In The ZTE Majesty Is Dual Core...