Tesla coil "the true secret" how it was really used.

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This is a demonstration of the proper use of a Tesla coil, as a electrostatic transformer, converting high voltage static into usable AC. current.
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MrTeslonian (3 мес. назад)
Without a massive shift towards space and the colonization of nearby
orbiting bodies we as a species cannot continue on at this pace for much
longer, without causing catastrophic ecological damage.
I have a way to launch a rocket or space plane from the edge of space
instead of launching it from the earths surface. This would drastically
reduce the onboard energy storage requirement allowing for a much smaller
design, and a higher level of safety . The primary launch from the earth's
surface to the upper stratosphere is achieved with a simple reusable
non-combustion launch platform.

This next idea I will say sounds at first glance to be far fetched, but I
know it's possible and I have tested it at a small scale. The idea is this
- for a lack of a better way to explain it simply is to "ride the
lightning", What I mean is lightning contains so much power that it could
be used to accelerate an object into space, the visible strike or electron
flow is typically traveling from the ground to the sky and can contain as
much as a 10 trillion watts. This electron flow can be harnessed in
multiple different way's, one way is similar to the effect witnessed in a
electrostatic demonstration known as Franklins Bell's, another would be to
use the current directly in a very large electrostatic induction motor to
spin up a very powerful turbine, and as a final example you could create
what I call the "Kelvin Electrostatic Accelerator" which is a specially
designed Lord Kelvin style ion-electron accelerator I built to fire an
electron stream through the middle of, and the corresponding ring's around
the electron flow create a magnetic field, that will ride an electron flow
similar to a rail gun. This has been difficult to achieve with anything of
substantial size based on the voltage's and current's I can achieve in a
lab. The sheer power in a lightning strike would accelerate a large object
at a very high rate of speed (possibly as fast as the strike it's self).
Etienne Aelian (22 дн. назад)
100k+ views,no rating bar, no negative comments, sounds like
Irene Wilson (6 мес. назад)
I have been reading about many forms of free electricity and machines to
harness it. I have hurd it referred to as " DARK energy or ZERO POINT
ENERGY " , isn't that what the tesla tower was about ? I believe it was
tesla who said it and i cant qoute it exactly but " energy is all around us
and we need only to take hold of it ", I strongly believe this with every
bit of my being. If everyone had free electricity the powers that be would
have to find other reasons to make up BS wars than fighting over fossil
fuel, and no more need for the fukushimas. Man is not responsible enough to
use nuclear energy on this planet. Any way what do you think ( i know YOU
know ). Thanks again for another great video, you know this stuff like the
back of youre hand, Tesla reincarnated.
Kawivloger (7 мес. назад)
How can u transmit electricity wirelessly (through sparks) and not
electrocute other things that u dont want to? (like bridges, air planes, or
even a roofers ladder)
Ashley george (5 мес. назад)
can someone please give me a video about tesla and his coil for dummies?
Lee Loudon (7 мес. назад)
Mr Teslasonian, can you explain something about Wardenclyffe for me? It was
about 180 feet tall and also went about 120 feet underground. Now why would
a tesla coil need to be almost half underground? Was Wardenclyffe a earth
battery and transmiter? Why would they tear it down for transmitting
energy? I could understand them tearing it down if it were a true power
source. So would it be feasable to take a low voltage earth battery and
transform it into high voltage with a tesla coil? Why did Nikola Tesla
build his largest tesla coil with half of it underground? That is my
question.(questions...I'm full of curiosity)
Big Shed Idea's (6 мес. назад)
Hi Mr Teslonian I really love all your videos think iv watched nearly all
of them your my hero ha your wood gas is great i keep having deep thoughts
about cracking h2o atoms using concentrated harmonics frequency is there a
possibility in over unity hmmm I wonder,what gets me is how do you have
time to make all these wonderful devices? My wife only allows me enough
time to look for tools in my man shed before she starts moaning lol Iv made
a simple electrolysis hho tank in the past but its far from over unity but
it proves just how much highly flammable hydrogen gas you can get out of a
tiny amount of water crazy im sure using harmonic frequency to split atoms
could possibly work hmmmm is it possible im always thinking of ideas for
free energy 
Sprocket Bofinger (17 дн. назад)
I keep coming back to this video , one of my favorites . 
Tyler C (11 дн. назад)
From my perspective... by chance tesla created the coil to convert
lightning, a natural free occurance into ac electricity for the home use?
John Wilkinson (2 мес. назад)
Excellent! Have you tried it on a larger scale? Say, with a motor?
Sandra Keener (6 мес. назад)
Just read your comments on the pyramids, etc. Well said and thought out!.
Believed the small points on the metal are called pickling or pickled. To
help capture natural energy. Loved it. Please keep us posted.
ThreeMetreJim (20 дн. назад)
For the modern day version there is an article here:

Rush Yahr (1 месяц назад)
I thought Tesla wanted to shoot a bolt of electricity up into the
ionosphere and somehow "bat" that bolt around the earths magnetic field in
order to make wireless electricity. The ionosphere was suppose to make it
easier for the electrical current to move around or something. I've heard
of similar ideas where people were saying they could ionize the air with a
high power laser and send electricity down that ionized path. I'm not sure
if that's true, it just looked like a crazy snapping and popping lightening
bolt machine thing. Do you think you could send electricity down a set path
to a receiver by using a laser to ionize the air?
Coreywwj Jacobs (5 мес. назад)
Would it be possible to convert solar energy into power for the tesla coil
to charge batteries capable of storing large amounts of energy? If a big
snag in Solar energy is the battery, can we change the energy from solar
panels into a useable energy to fill batteries? Tesla coil + Solar panel ->
Charge large batteries via solar energy? Or to convert it to a usable
T.G.C. The Garden Channel (6 мес. назад)
Great Video. I Subbed to you're channel. Keep bringing us great videos.
Anton Moric (7 мес. назад)
Thanks again, Mr. Teslonian - great stuff!
TheSpectralGamer (2 мес. назад)
also to show the amount of "usable dc voltage" that you are getting you
need to set up a good capacitor to dissipate the highs and lows. Similarly
if you want to show us the rise and fall of voltage you should get a volt
meter with a min max function
Geoff Egel (6 мес. назад)
you may have uncovered one of the secrets of how the swiss ml or testakica
actually works brilliant rediscovery by you