Tesla coil "the true secret" how it was really used.

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This is a demonstration of the proper use of a Tesla coil, as a electrostatic transformer, converting high voltage static into usable AC. current.
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MrTeslonian (7 мес. назад)
The secrets of the pyramids are not hard to find, first start by studying
the Sumerian accounts of their pillage of egypt, Long story short the best
records of what Egypt looked like before it's fall are in the Sumerian
accounts. These writings show a very large golden cap adorning the great
pyramids top, and a solid rod of gold running down from the cap to the
lowest chamber, whether this is true or not I don't know.
The "Secret" of the pyramids is based in plasma physics. By studying Ben
Franklins work with lightning rods, I not only discovered the secrets to
Tesla's work but also the secrets to the pyramids.

Plasma physics - Tesla's tower and the pyramids how they worked --- First
the unshown secret to Tesla's work was that both the Warden cliff tower and
the antenna that receives that power at your home ( They never show the
world the home reception antenna) had a elongated sharp point off of the
top of it. Ben Franklin showed that any time you erect a building or tower
over 100 feet high and you install a long rod with a sharp point at the end
on top of the tower pointed towards the sky, that it opens a constant
plasma beam or step ladder between the sky and the sharp point on the end
of the rod. It's the plasma beam that precedes the visible strike or
electron flow of a lightning strike that cooks the air expanding it
creating the thunder clap we hear. By using a lightning rod to keep a
constant plasma beam open we reduce the impact of the lightning strike by
eliminating the constant reopening of the plasma corridor.
This works with very large sharp pointed towers like the pyramid, the size
of the point aimed at the sky will dictate the size of the plasma channel
that is opened and remains open constantly. Therefore dictating the current
capacity of the system. The great pyramids cap was replaced a few hundred
years ago by the French (Hence the cap looks newer than the rest of the
pyramid)., they then went home and built the Eiffel tower the largest
pyramid on earth, then they sent us and other countries our Statue of
Liberty (which is covered in sharp points)??? Also think about the reason
for the construction shape of the Washington monument and little do people
know but there are two opposing points aimed at each other under the center
bridge of the Saint Louis Arch???And countless other examples world wide,
I'm not saying they are for anything funky, I'm just questioning why, and
will leave it up to you to look further into it.
The rest of the pyramid complex was a step down transformer and the water
channels carried the current from one location to the next. Even the light
bulbs depicted tell us that it was high voltage they were using, that is
why they resemble a fluorescent bulb.
The Tesla home power receiver antenna and how it worked - If you look at
pictures of Tesla's laboratory in Colorado you will notice a long steel
pole rising out of the roof of his place and on top of this pole is a sharp
point. The lightning rod was connected to a very large reverse direction
Tesla coil that converts the incoming plasma charge to a usable dc and ac
current. Warden cliff's top was never installed, if it had been it would
have looked a lot like the Seattle space needle, hum!
So to summarize it all, I want people to know all you have to do is point a
sharp ended rod at the sky from at least 100 feet up or higher from the
ground and it will open a constant plasma beam that can be converted into
usable home current. This is what the Tesla coil was really for, not to
make fancy displays of electron flows and plasma discharges, but to convert
the abundant energy sitting right above us. Also if you point a sharp point
at the ground from 100 feet up or higher it will open a current flow
between the point and the ground, the real power is gained by using a
bipolar Tesla coil with a sharp point both on the bottom aiming at the
ground and a sharp point on top aiming at the sky, this gives you both a
positive current flow and a negative current flow and produce immense
amounts of usable current.

I have tested both the aerial plasma and the ground charge. I was recently
allowed to install a bipolar double pointed coil on the face of a 3
megawatt wind generator tower and have film of it running two motors one
from the point facing the ground and one that runs from the skyward facing
point. The skyward point powered motor is continuous at 250 watts and the
ground point powered motor is running at 100 or so watts continuous. These
are induction hv motors and do not require the voltage to be stepped down.

If you would like to experiment with these principles, the easiest way and
the first way I built a running plasma motor was by installing a brass cone
(like a plumb bob) on the stripped end of a number 4 insulated wire and
hung the cone pointing at the ground from the top of an old cell phone
tower 100 or so feet off the ground. With the point facing the ground run
the number 4 wire all the way down to the ground and attach it to one side
of an hv induction motor, pound a 8-10' ground rod into the earth beside
the motor and run the opposing motor wire to the ground rod it will power
close to a 100 watt hv induction motor continuously. If you really want to
see it's potential dig a hole beside the motor and set a Stubblefield coil
in it, then hook it up as the negative leg to the motor.

This is why no one has been able to figure out the Stubblefield coil or the
Wimshurst generator because each of them are only one leg of the two legged
current everyone tries the Wimshurst and says theres no power and the same
goes for the Stubblefield coil and no one has ever put them together,
realizing that they are really singular legs of current. It's like how
nature works with lightning there are two legs not one, a sky based plasma
and a ground based electron flow as the positive plasma charge flows down a
negative electron flow goes up. The Stubblefield is one leg of the charge
and the Wimshurst is your other leg of current. The same applied with the
Wardenclyffe tower as it needed both legs to be useful, Tesla himself
didn't coin the term radiant energy until he had met Nathan Stubblefield
and they both reference Ben Franklins work with lightning rods.
In these last few comments I have given you 11 years worth of my work and
hopefully an answer to our power needs and I have videos to show it coming
ThreeMetreJim (1 месяц назад)
For the modern day version there is an article here:

ZBanditGuy (20 дн. назад)
Get a large tesla coil on top a mountain, have large balloons collect
static electricity in clouds and deliver it to the coil?
Blake Griffin (26 дн. назад)
Well unless you're rebuilding the current with a Marx generator? The wheel
is spinning but the gerbil is drunk! Let it sober!
Tyler C (1 месяц назад)
From my perspective... by chance tesla created the coil to convert
lightning, a natural free occurance into ac electricity for the home use?
Chris Go (1 месяц назад)
Netflix Streaming: Tesla: Master of Lightning
Sprocket Bofinger (1 месяц назад)
I keep coming back to this video , one of my favorites . 
Etienne Aelian (1 месяц назад)
100k+ views,no rating bar, no negative comments, sounds like
Steven King (1 месяц назад)
Should have used 4 meters. One analog ac, one analog dc, one digital ac one
digital dc. ? What do u think?
Stoytcho Stoev (1 месяц назад)
Please go and read and reread the Tesla's patents and you would understand
that there was nothing about transmission through the air it was always
transmission of electrical vibrations THROUGH the GROUND.
Tesla always says (everywhere if one reads what he had written), that
electrical vibrations through the air are Hertzian radiation and a waste of
Please do not confuse the people who are trying to learn.
Rush Yahr (1 месяц назад)
I thought Tesla wanted to shoot a bolt of electricity up into the
ionosphere and somehow "bat" that bolt around the earths magnetic field in
order to make wireless electricity. The ionosphere was suppose to make it
easier for the electrical current to move around or something. I've heard
of similar ideas where people were saying they could ionize the air with a
high power laser and send electricity down that ionized path. I'm not sure
if that's true, it just looked like a crazy snapping and popping lightening
bolt machine thing. Do you think you could send electricity down a set path
to a receiver by using a laser to ionize the air?
TheSpectralGamer (3 мес. назад)
also to show the amount of "usable dc voltage" that you are getting you
need to set up a good capacitor to dissipate the highs and lows. Similarly
if you want to show us the rise and fall of voltage you should get a volt
meter with a min max function
CjoIIProductionz (3 мес. назад)
Hook it up to a belt driven by a woodgas engine
Dustyoldbook (3 мес. назад)
With a tuned Tesla coil You can watch lightning strikes on a scope from
inside your house. I have done so on several occasions. All you need is a
ground connection. Kinda cool seeing the waveform then waiting for the
John Wilkinson (3 мес. назад)
Excellent! Have you tried it on a larger scale? Say, with a motor?
ABRAMS LaB TESLA ART (3 мес. назад)