GTA 5 - How To Buy Houses in Singleplayer! (GTA 5 Easter Egg / Glitch Tutorial Parody!)

GTA 5 - How To Buy Houses in Singleplayer! (GTA 5 Easter Egg / Glitch Tutorial Parody!)

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ATTENTION: This video is fake. This was purely made to troll all of the people that love to cheat in video games. If you get the joke, then feel free to Subscribe, I do this often. If you are butt hurt, my job here is done.

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Harrison Lloyd (1 год назад)
Your a retard why do u prank people with glitches it's not fucking funny
Francisco pimentel (15 дн. назад)
lol. soooooooooo when are you going to buy a house?
Giga Bradas (1 месяц назад)
So when did you buy a house? Oh yeah that's right you didn't. Stop fucking
misleading people you punk. 
Penky Hanky (21 дн. назад)
If your going to troll people don't make it obvious and put "Tutorial
Parody" in the title
BadBeat Bri (1 год назад)
Along with a dislike, I also flagged this video for scam/fraud. This guy
is a worthless liar.
JACKROCKZ 777 (4 дн. назад)
I knew as soon as he typed Lenny it was a troll
Filippos V (12 дн. назад)
"If you are butthurt, my job here is done"
Poor guy, thinks he's a troll 'n shit. Grow up, please.
Prism (2 мес. назад)
why would you troll people that cheat in single player, how does that
effect you, just saying, troll the shit people that cheat online they
deserve it. not the single player cheater's / modder's etc.
Chrnan6710 (6 дн. назад)
Why are there so many 8 year olds in the comments who can't take jokes?
Kelvin Vuong (19 дн. назад)
It's how fucking idiot you are
Knight Owls (4 дн. назад)
its fake as hell
Zia Khan (15 дн. назад)
Stupid ass naaier with your dumb prank. lol. the reason u prolly made it is
coz u needed views dickface :D
Teresa Muir (14 дн. назад)
You are a dick why prank people you fucking bitch 
Akbalaak (2 дн. назад)
not your fault but this game kinda sucks in a lot of ways ...
Bluejay (1 месяц назад)
GUYS IIT WORKS !!!@!@!#%$%#
No booty for you (11 дн. назад)
wait youre trolling i think this is more for the views
Undocumentedspot (17 дн. назад)
if you call that a joke, I have a bad news for you.
Goddominic G (3 дн. назад)
XD I feel for that one! Nice one. ill like.

Eviticus Savali (1 день назад)
I think this was hilarious. Great video edits and especially the reactions
this gets on the comments lmfao reading is fundamental kids
Maximilian S (28 дн. назад)
1. You really don't know how to drive
2. You make shitty jokes like this in your shitty video

People like you make me sick.