Pope Cries With Nathan de Brito, The Little Boy Who Brought Him To Tears

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Meet Nathan de Brito, the little boy who broke past barriers to run into Pope Francis' arms on Friday in order to tell him something that moved the pontiff to tears.

They embraced on the Popemobile as de Brito confided to Pope Francis, "Your Holiness, I want to be a priest of Christ, a representative of Christ."

Pope Francis beamed at the small child in the Brazilian national soccer team jersey and told him, "I am going to pray for you, but I ask you to pray for me." He wiped tears from his eyes as he embraced de Brito and told him, "As of today, your vocation is set."

After exiting the Popemobile, the video shows de Brito blowing the Pope a kiss before covering his face with his hands, completely overwhelmed by the incredible experience.

So are we.

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Cornelia Holtmann (1 месяц назад)
I very much prefer pope Benedict. He was really humble, he followed the
traditions and he didn't like to be the center of attention. He was shy.
--- Pope Francis wants to be loved by all. And he puts his own convictions
above all. It is obvious that he enjoys the world's admiration, that he
needs this admiration.

Benedict had the force to tell the world the catholic faith, even if the
world opposed this faith. That's what I want the Pope to do. But Francis
will never do so. I am very disappointed with Francis.
Rapturekevin (10 мес. назад)
All the anti Catholics are retaliating because they are scared this guy is
getting a following which he is. Fuck the banks, corporations, there is
enough in the world that we should all live well. What a fucking concept
!! 1.2 billion to 3.0 billion followers I foresee. No wonder there is so
much hate for him from the greedy and the rich. Pedophilia is your only
defence, yet evil exists everywhere, in your schools, sports leaders,
police, military, government and your church leaders. YOU ARE NOT INNOCENT
I dentity (21 дн. назад)
As a NON - Christian, I really like this Pope, As a Muslim i have seen to
much violence in this world of ours, Its nice to see a smile or a tear out
of compassion. I hope the Pope remains this way. I hope its no act.
Nexus Disciple (10 мес. назад)
+Marsh Russell
Your statement is illogical, it is the equivalent of saying all humans are
nazi because Hitler was human >.>

Just because there were some bad priests does not mean they are all bad.
Daniella Weiher (8 мес. назад)
Church and religions may not be for everybody but for us that believe on
them, let us be. What a sweet little boy. 
Marsh Russell (10 мес. назад)
anyone else feel uncomfortable when they see catholic priests kissing young
Batfan9 (12 мес. назад)
Every time I look in the YouTube comments section I fear for the future of
the human race. Some of this stupidity is unreal. 
Oneraceonedestiny (11 мес. назад)
Some questions:-

1. Why are so many of the christians in america so desirous of hunting,
shooting guns, taking life, when everything about jesus's example shows he
would abhor such things?

2. Why do the christians of america support israel and the zionists so much
when their own books and scripture tell us it was the jews who betrayed and
murdered their god jesus? Why do they support those who consider jesus to
be a heretic and agent of satan against those people who revere jesus as a
great prophet of god? 
No1hoopsman (1 год назад)
Some shitty comments on You Tube from pretty sick people, we only need to
know how Francis is living now as he did priot to becoming Pope and how he
was viewed by the vast majority of his flock..but then..there are those who
would rather spread hatred than love and compassion
Ogbemudia Victor (5 мес. назад)
Marsh Russell, you are fit to be a slave for you think that the Pope is a
Ronnie rodriguez (11 мес. назад)
This Pope makes me feel like Jesus is taking back the church. I love Pope
Junk can (11 мес. назад)
This exemplifies the danger of deifying a human who is no more than CEO of
one of the worlds largest corporations.
Sweetsugarshell (1 год назад)
They look at him as he was god! Don't be fooled this man is a wolf in sheep
Satan will come in peace, and by peace destroy many.
Follow Jesus, true lord and savior!
As a former Catholic, I understand how this man looks so kind, but inside,
inside he is empty and satanic.
If evil came in the form of evil, you would not go to it. But if it came
in a mask of good, you would flock to it.
This man is no god, and never will be. 
Will JohnnyII (10 мес. назад)
Not everyone got the chance to hug the Pope... I am so touch to watched
this... Pope Francis-would you mind to come to this sides of the world-ASIA
especially South East Asia?
Solarpaneling (11 мес. назад)
Archdiocese of Bombay (1 год назад)
During the papal motorcade through Rio on July 26, de Brito broke through
the security barrier and climbed onto the popemobile to greet Pope Francis.
He expressed his desire to be a priest, and the Holy Father said he would
pray for him.

“As of today, your vocation is set,” said Francis, moved to tears and
embracing de Brito.
Thomastidewater (11 мес. назад)
Ohhhh! Little Nathan! With your boyish good looks and your firm little
buttockses! Come give your uncle Popey a nice little hug! OH YES! THAT'S
IT! YES! YES! YES! OH THAT TINGLES!!! Such a big boy! Remember, Nathan...
this is our little secret. If you tell anyone, God will send you straight
to hell, where you will burn in agony for ever and ever!
Fooka youah (6 мес. назад)
How are you going to stop child fucking when you give them your kids?
Stupid theist assholes.
Wakeupandsmellthecoffee (1 год назад)
And I heard another voice from heaven saying, “Come out of her, my people,
lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues.
AllAboutTheGamez (10 мес. назад)
Pope = Peadophile.