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68 Second Video - Money Money Money - Uptempo

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Time to mix it up a bit.

Use this uptempo dance beat to kick in the Law of Attraction and set your vibration to the beat of money, money, money.

Feel the vibe of money flowing in you, through you, and out into the world. Everyone wins when you are wealthy.

Open your heart and feel the love that the universe has for you. Bring it all in and breathe it.

Song: "The Disco Rhythm"
Artist: DJ Smooth Operator
Website: http://www.soundsoldierrecords.blogspot.com/

Visit http://www.68secondvideo.com for more tips on using this powerful tool.

Also be sure to visit my website: http://frankbutterfield.us

Frank Butterfield

Комментарии (29)

Elias5Barnes (6 г. назад)
Thanks You! The faster the affirmations the better!
Viewtifully (6 г. назад)
Great video! What is the music called?
68secondvideo (6 г. назад)
Thank you CAnn!!!
Anne-Maree Williams (6 г. назад)
I really enjoyed the "uptempo" of the music in this video! It made me feel
happy and that is when magic happens - "it is good to feel good!" Thank you
for sharing this vid! :-D
Malahidegirl (6 г. назад)
Thank you for the energized attitude I now portray!
Tantrafee (5 г. назад)
hi from germany , with german joyful words we say " this is so geil " :-) i
love money i love my life and i am a very big magnet to money ... thanks
god for all my special wealthy gifts in my life, and may god bless you all
! peace and love ! and thinking always about money : is good !
Rispy999 (6 г. назад)
Thank you so much! I found it so much easier to feel the money with the
good vibes of the music! my favourite money attraction vid! Love and
Susan Victoria Brandon (5 г. назад)
Great uplifting fun video to watch over & over
TheFastCashClub (5 г. назад)
Adding this one to my favorites.....=)
Roger051107 (5 г. назад)
Mercyhm3 (5 г. назад)
Thank you! I wish more people would put this kind of video out there. 68
second manifestation videos. Awesome.
Darrelontv (6 г. назад)
this is fantastic! Who is the tune by? As my big money arrives, you will
get rewarded!
Gypsyvlinder (6 г. назад)
thanx for this video.... specially whit this music i feel glad and
richer;)... little bit fast to read for me whit englisch.... Can you give
the name of the music i like that also everry much..good luck i look 2
times a day morning and before sleep that-s the best way.... greatings
TabbyLove (2 г. назад)
I only wish those second markets weren't in there because it interrupts my
money thoughts, and we all know the owner is in UNINTERRUPTED thought.
Terplewa (6 г. назад)
No problem. Thank you!
Bmytuber (5 г. назад)
Sweet, sweeet sweet video!
Laurentiu-Victor Balasa (6 г. назад)
I could not stop laughing, feeling great, and all that.orgasmic experience
i can not thank you enough for this. i will say no more. just, keep doing
it. people who deserve it will watch it
PunchPaws (5 г. назад)
This is wonderful! Something to add to my daily routine! THANK YOU!!!