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Dragon Ball: Battle of Z - Self Destruct Ultimate Move (1080p)

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Комментарии (45)

PS360HD2 (1 год назад)
Badboynic1010 (1 год назад)
PS2 game material at best...sigh, this game (or some other dbz game) could
have been way better
Patrick Medley jr. (1 год назад)
since when did vegeta need energy from other people to self destruct lol
Javell Grimmett (1 год назад)
This game looks like a piece of shit! Ps2 graphics
Majenrok (6 мес. назад)
Hahhahahahhaahahah... ahahahahahah - - *gasp* *wheeze* Uhahahhaa... No...
nah... eheheh HAHAhah... WHAT???
ARIA (1 год назад)
This game looks like absolute shit. The move took so damn long I would've
gotten bored building up the energy. And the release wasn't even
overwhelming, Cooler's face was just kinda like "I got hit... *Fuck It* "
Montesama314 (1 год назад)
"Give me your energy! I need to blow myself up!"
And Cooler's face had all the facial expression of a monster from "Power
ShuhanX (1 год назад)
Cooler's been watching way too much Matrix
Patrick Rogério (1 год назад)
This game doesn't looks very good, I'll only buy this game because Bills
and Goku SSG will be on the game, but I prefer BT2 from PS2. Sorry for the
bad english, I'm brazilian.
DarthKanyeTheSavior - (1 год назад)
MegaMonkey937 (1 год назад)
Thumbs up for under 301+ club...
Swagbito Uchiha (1 год назад)
I like the Ultimates in this game, lol. The one's I've seen pulled off,
Majin Vegeta's, Broly's, SS3 Gotenks, and Goku's, are pretty cool.

-Vegeta's like *"Well shit, I have to blow myself up again."*
-Broly's like *"Oh don't worry, this won't hurt a bit...!"*
-Gotenk's like *"Lololololol volleyball attack!"*
And Goku's your normal Spirit Bomb.
Boywonder10298 (1 год назад)
Do all the ultimates take so much time and effort in this game?
Okuyasu Nijimura (1 год назад)
LOL! This has to be a joke; Cooler's expression was just like "Oh man...
I'm gonna die.. noo...." like no emotion whatsoever and they still decided
to zoom in on his preset staple face. And then the charging took a long
time and was Goten, Trunks and everyone else on Vegeta's side helping him
by giving him power to blow himself up? ROLF! They should have ported
Zenkai Battle royale, that would have been much better than this.
★Sweet Legacy★ (1 год назад)
2 hours later.
SpongebobSquarepants time card guy
Anime Games Online (1 год назад)
Majin Vegeta and Teen Gohan were my favorite ultimates.i made a video of
all of them on my channel case anybody is interested
IAmNotYourBuddy (1 год назад)
This game looks like they put no effort into it whatsoever. I guess Budokai
3 and Tenkaichi 3 are the best we're gonna get...
Gh0StsNSeAn (1 год назад)
yo honestly.. Lol dragon ball z budokai 1 for ps2 had better looking
visuals. wth is this. Wtf is cooler doing. this guy looks like hes on his
back in a pool. fuck this game
KankuroX842 (1 год назад)

lmfao!! you guys realize how lame that looks at the end. God could this
game get any worse
David Quezada (1 год назад)
noooo!!! no vegeta!!!